Cupcake & Muffin Pans

Whether for a birthday celebration or simply a special dessert, cupcakes make for a nice, bite-sized snack. Conveniently enough, cupcake pans also double as muffin pans. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a range of cupcake and muffin pans to satisfy any need. They all have nonstick surfaces, which helps for making mess-free baked goods. Choose from pans with 6, 12 or even 24 wells. Some of our pans make very large cupcakes and muffins whereas our smallest-sized wells make miniature cupcakes and muffins. The miniature size is ideal for making small finger food desserts for a dinner party or for childrenʼs desserts. They also come in handy for those who are seeking to cut back on their sugar intake, but still need to indulge in small desserts from time to time. To prepare the batter, look at our mixers. These are designed to reduce splatter and whisk ingredients efficiently and evenly. A mixer can save a lot of work and time and is the only way to achieve the desired batter consistency. Consider adding coconut flakes for a crunchy texture. You can also make a traditional vanilla mix with a few drops of vanilla, and sprinkle in a few chocolate flakes. If youʼre pressed for time, choose a cake mix to use for making the batter. We have traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla as well as mixes for lemon Bundt cake and pound cake.

When cooking something as time-sensitive as cupcakes or muffins, an essential tool is a kitchen timer. We have analog and digital timers. The digital timer has several advantages, such as the ability to time several ongoing tasks. Rather than using cellphones in a busy kitchen environment, just grab a small timer and keep it handy in a small drawer. This helps as well when multitasking in the kitchen, which is often the case when making desserts. When the baked goods are ready to be pulled out of the oven, protect your hands with one of our oven mitts. We have classic, solid-colored mitts as well as vibrant and colorful patterned mitts. If there is a junior chef in the kitchen, get them one of our childrenʼs mitts for a snug fit. This is a wise investment because a snug fit also means a more secure grip.

If you are making cupcakes, the real fun begins after the items are pulled out of the oven and cooled down. There are so many variations and possibilities with cupcakes, that your imagination is really the only limit. For most cupcakes, another essential component is going to be a rich, delicious frosting. Make some handmade frosting with sugar, butter and milk. Add a dash of vanilla extract, or some other flavoring, to bring it to life. Make some sophisticated cupcakes for adults by adding some lemon or lime zest. For a simpler option, look at our line of frosting mixes. Get our vanilla frosting, which can frost up to 24 cupcakes. Add some colorful sprinkles to the top of the cupcake for a visually pleasing result. Other possible cupcake garnishes include fruit pieces, grated chocolate and even decorative plastic toppers. Cupcakes are rising in popularity in general, and more and more couples are opting for cupcakes rather than the traditional wedding cake. A recent trend for cupcakes include making cupcake versions of popular cakes, such as red velvet cake cupcakes and tiramisu cupcakes. These can be much easier to eat and offer a delicious experience without having to eat an entire slice of cake. They are also more kid-friendly. In fact, itʼs easy for the kids to get involved in the decorating process.