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Stainless Steel Strainer

  • $99.95
    Featuring heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, these strainers will perform long and hard in the busiest kitchens. Designed to position securely over bowls and pots, the strainers are fitted with ergonomically shaped All-Clad handles to make them comfortable to lift and hold.Set includes three strainers in graduated sizes.Crafted by All-Clad, a premier maker of professional-quality kitchenware.Made of 18/10 stainless steel for a lifetime of service.
  • $99.95$119.95
    Chefs use conical strainers like this one to make ultrasmooth soups and sauces as well as clear stocks. Add the pestle to help push denser ingredients through the mesh and the stand to stabilize it over smaller bowls and pots.Fine stainless-steel mesh strainer prevents lumps, seeds and skins from passing through.Long handle lets you lift it easily from pot to sink.Side tab rests on the rim of the pot or bowl for stability.Set includes the strainer, a stainless-steel stand and a beechwood pestle.
  • $18
    Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. Designed to fit securely over a pot or work bowl, this hardworking tool is great for straining everything from stocks and soups to sauces. The fine mesh makes it equally handy for draining blanched veggies or sifting flour. Part of our exclusive Open Kitchen collection, designed and developed by Williams-Sonoma. Made of durable stainless steel. Loop handle provides a comfortable grip and easy hanging storage. Dishwasher safe.
  • $49.95
    Popular with Japanese restaurant cooks, these strainers feature a shallow ovoid shape ideal for blanching batches of vegetables in quick succession, scooping noodles from a pot of boiling water and transferring cooked foods to a pan or serving dish.Set includes three dishwasher-safe 18/10 stainless-steel strainers in graduated sizes.Durable stainless-steel mesh holds its shape and is dishwasher safe.U-shaped handles double as hanging loops.A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $25$41
    Made of durable stainless steel, this strainer features superfine perforations that help trap small food particles. Its wide handles maintain balance and stability when pouring liquid into a pot or bowl. Strainers are made of 18/10 stainless steel Perforated strainers separate liquids from solids when youre making stocks and sauces. Helper handle on strainers allows them to rest over a pot or bowl. Beechwood pestle helps push denser ingredients through strainers.