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Round Kitchen Equipment

  • Sugg. Price: $44.95 Our Price: $35.96
    Perfect pizza, breads and flatbreads are only minutes away with Pizzacrafts round pizza stone. The ceramic stone heats evenly, with no hot spots, to produce a uniformly browned crust. The stone is also a great way to quickly reheat foods in the oven for a crisp finish. Made of cordierite ceramic for durability and thermal-shock resistance. Holds heat exceptionally well, keeping oven temperature steady (the benefit of brick-oven baking).
  • Sugg. Price: $414 Our Price: $290
    Cast irons unparalleled ability to retain heat makes this oven a great choice for slow cooking hearty stews and soups as well as braising and roasting meat and poultry. It pairs an extra-wide cooking surface with sides high enough to contain liquids for braising and simmering. The pans innovative enamel coating takes cooking with cast iron to the next level with improved performance, style and durability.
  • $23.95
    Americas oldest family-owned cookware foundry, Lodge has been forging cast-iron pots and pans since 1896. This heavyweight griddle provides exceptionally even heating, so foods sear, brown and cook beautifully. Preseasoned and ready to use, its ideal for preparing breakfast staples such as omelets, pancakes and hash browns as well as quesadillas and crepes. Heavyweight cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly. Preseasoned for a smooth finish that resists sticking and rust.
  • Sugg. Price: $170 Our Price: $120
    Great for everything from cooking pancakes and laying strips of bacon to searing steaks and chops.  Ideal for cooking indoors or out, the versatile griddle pan heats beautifully and evenly. Cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel distributes heat slowly and evenly. Easy-to-clean nonreactive interior does not require seasoning. Ideal for use on any cooktop, including induction. Vibrant, colorful exterior for stove-to-table presentation. Made in France.
  • $1.50
    The simplest tool in the cake-decorators toolbox, the round tip is also one of the most versatile. From writing messages and outlining details to creating beaded details, crisscrossed lattices, vines, swirls, hearts, flower centers and more, youll find countless creative uses for this tip, in a variety of sizes. Made by Ateco, the pastry chefs choice for cake-decorating tools, the tips are precision-crafted from stainless steel for exceptional performance and durability.
  • $60
    Replicating the benefits of baking in a brick oven, the ceramic bread cloche turns out individual loaves with tender, moist interiors and crispy, evenly golden crusts. The unglazed clay absorbs heat to ensure even baking on all sides, while the porous surface absorbs moisture to give the crust a crispy bite. Use the cloche to both proof and bake your loafridges inside the bell produce proofing lines in the crust for a classic bakery-style finish.
  • $1.50
    Whether youre making buttercream roses or royal-icing pansies, use this flower nail to maximize the control and precision required for making even, elegant flowers. The grooved nail ensures a steady grip as you angle the round platform and squeeze the icing petals into buds and blooms in an array of sizes. Simply lift each completed frosting flower carefully with a blade and place on cakes and cupcakes, or on parchment to dry.
  • $130
    Re-create the delicious results of brick-oven baking with this Emile Henry cloche. Crafted in France, the ceramic baker absorbs and retains heat evenly while redistributing the steam released by the dough as it cooks, releasing excessive moisture through holes in the lid. This yields an artisanal round loaf with a tender, moist interior, a light crumb and a chewy, evenly browned crust. Crafted of Burgundian clay and finished with a vibrant hand-applied glaze that resists scratching and crazing.
  • $28
    Baking an artisan-style braided ring loaf is a snap when you use this commercial-quality pan. For a classic round braided loaf, just place your favorite sweet or savory bread dough in the nonstick panno hand-braiding required. As beautiful as it is delicious, the fresh-baked loaf makes a great centerpiece for a breakfast or brunch. The timesaving secret to an artisan-style loaf in the shape of a braided ring. Professional-quality stainless steel ensures even heating for uniform baking and browning.
  • $13.50
    Many recipes for pies and tarts call for blind-baking the unfilled crust a process made more reliable with the help of these ceramic weights.Round ceramic weights prevent pie and tart crusts from shrinking or blistering during baking.After fitting the pastry dough into your pan, press on a layer of foil and line it with the weights.Ensures an attractive pastry shell that will hold its shape when filled.The unglazed ceramic material also helps to evenly distribute heat, promoting uniform baking.
  • $4$5.50
    Ensure easy, intact release of cake layers, tarts, coffee cakes and more with our pre-cut parchment rounds that resist scorching as well as preventing sticking. Trimmed to fit popular standard pan sizes, these parchment rounds save time by eliminating trimming and guesswork just slip the round into a prepared pan, then pour in the batter. All-natural heavyweight paper resists moisture and grease and is odorless, flavorless and chlorine free. Pre-cut for a perfect fit, every time.
  • Sugg. Price: $8.95 Sale $6.99
    Our spatulas are indispensable for mixing, stirring, scraping and folding ingredients. Made from flexible silicone, their wide heads withstand heat up to 500F and they won't chip or crack. Heads are molded from flexible, durable silicone, heat-resistant to 500F. Solid maple handles are round for a comfortable grip. Dishwasher-safe heads remove for easy cleaning. Set of three includes small, medium and large spatulas.
  • $15
    Thoroughly cool round cakes, tarts and pies on this wire rack, which keeps baked goods slightly raised for good air circulation on all sides. The round shape simplifies inverting cake layers for icing and decorating. Commercial-quality stainless-steel rack with closely set wires that wont indent baked goods. Easily supports cakes, pies and tarts. Raised design lets air circulate underneath, keeping undersides from steaming. Ideal as a platform for glazing and finishing baked goods.
  • $25
    Use these classic French pans to create enchanting single-serving tarts that show off fresh berries and other seasonal fruits. The choice of professional pastry chefs, the nonstick pans promote even baking and perfect browning, and they release the delicate pastry intact. Heavy-gauge tinned steel ensures even and gentle heat distribution for consistent baking and professional-quality results. Ideal size for individual servings. Nonstick finish ensures easy release and quick cleanup.
  • $27
    Professional pastry chefs rely on this classic French pan to bake quiches to savory golden perfection. The nonstick finish releases the delicate crust intact for a beautiful presentation. Heavy-gauge tinned steel ensures even and gentle heat distribution for consistent baking and professional-quality results. Removable bottom supports the baked crust while you slip off the pans outer ring. Deep sides accommodate a generous amount of filling.
  • $21$25
    French pastry chefs rely on classic fluted pans like this one to create attractive tarts with tender golden crusts. The nonstick finish releases pastry intact. Heavy-gauge tinned steel promotes uniform baking. Removable bottom supports the baked crust while you slip off the pan's outer ring. Pan bottom also aids in transferring the tart to a plate or cake stand. Nonstick exterior finish simplifies cleanup. Pan is equally suited to preparing savory quiches.
  • $16.95
    Create everything from elegant lettering to classic basket-weave textures with these professional-quality pastry tips. The set of six includes all the essential tips for making festive cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Stainless-steel tips can be used again and again. Two large round tips for outlining and filling, writing, creating beads, dots, stems, flower centers, lattices and lace. One large open-star tip for creating textured round borders and drop flowers.
  • Sugg. Price: $257$693 Our Price: $149.95$485
    Cast irons unparalleled ability to retain heat makes this oven a great choice for slow cooking homemade chili or a hearty stew.  Staubs innovative enamel coating takes cooking with cast iron to the next level with improved performance, style and durability. Color selections feature glossy multi-coat enameling that ensures strength and heat resistance and creates a vibrantly colored majolique finish similar in appearance to fine ceramic for oven-to-table presentation.
  • $5.95
    Peeling your favorite citrus fruits is faster and easier than ever when you use this innovative prep tool. Designed for top efficiency, it removes the peel in three simple steps. Just score your fruit with the peeler's sharp hook, lift the skin with the tapered corner, then slip the peel through the round opening. Quickly and neatly peels whole citrus fruits. Ideal for grapefruits and oranges. Gently removes citrus peels keeping flavorful juices inside the fruit. Durable plastic construction.
  • $49.95
    For a chic Halloween or any other occasion that demands a little intrigue our sparkling shaker adds just the right amount of drama. Inspired by vintage glassware, it is cut and painted entirely by hand. Glass shaker is cut and painted by hand. Ideal for Halloween parties or dramatic entertaining year round. Dishwasher safe.
  • Sugg. Price: $200 Our Price: $129.95
    Making restaurant-perfect poached eggs is simple with this clever cookware. Its customized cups bring eggs in direct contact with simmering water, so they cook uniformly while maintaining an attractive round shape. Use the nonstick pan on its own for whipping up breakfast casseroles. Heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum pan provides excellent heat conduction for uniform cooking; exterior won't chip, peel, stain or scratch.
  • $19.95
    Baking luscious homemade layer cakes is foolproof when you use this innovative silicone mold from France. Thanks to its nonstick silicone surface, the flexible round pan releases even the most delicate cakes in perfect shape. You can also use the versatile mold in the fridge or freezer for your favorite chilled or frozen desserts. Flexible, nonstick silicone mold releases cake layers instantly. Bakes a 10" diameter round layer; also can be used to chill or freeze desserts.
  • $19.95
    This all-in-one pan turns out the legendary treats we call Brooksters, traditional chocolate-chip cookies nestled in rich, gooey brownies. And you thought those irresistible classics couldnt get any better! Six-well pan turns out 3" round treats. Start by partly filling each well of the pan with chilled brownie batter, then top the deep, dark batter with a dollop of cookie dough.
  • $16
    Professional pastry chefs rely on this classic French pan to bake quiches to savory golden perfection. The lift-off ring gently releases delicate quiche crust for a beautiful presentation. Heavy-gauge tinned steel ensures even and gentle heat distribution for consistent baking and professional-quality results. Removable bottom supports the baked crust while you slip off the pans outer ring. Deep sides accommodate a generous amount of filling.
  • $160
    In a beautiful stovetop-to-table design, this enameled cast-iron kettle heats liquids slowly and keeps them warm long after it's removed from heat. The multifunctional design makes the kettle equally adept at warming milk, cider, mulled wine or even soup, and the enameled interior wont absorb their flavors or odors. The metal handles flip up to lock the lid in place for safe pouring. Cast-iron construction provides excellent heat retention, so water and liquids stay warm for serving.
  • $16.95$22.95
    Ring molds are the pastry chefs secret for baking cake layers, setting mousse tarts and creating layered ice creams, as well as for supporting decorations until theyre set in place. Our professional-quality round rings are made of durable stainless steel that retains its shape through years of regular use. Use for baking, freezing or decorating an endless array of pastry recipes. Durable stainless steel wont warp, corrode, chip or rust. Thin but strong steel allows even, thorough baking of crusts.
  • $99.95
    Count on our elegant cloche to help present your signature dishes with professional flair. Designed to cover an individual plate on a serving tray, it keeps foods warm and allows a dramatic reveal at the table. The hand-polished silver is a classic complement to any fine dinnerware. The dome is sliver-plated steel. The handle is sliver-plated brass.
  • $6,995.95
    This companion cart turns the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven into a complete outdoor pizza kitchen on wheels. It can also be used on its own, outdoors or indoors, as a kitchen island. Handmade in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the cart offers mobility as well as ample prep space and storage. Sturdy stainless-steel construction creates a stable base for the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven.
  • $139
    Century-old wood finds new life in our handmade footed platters for serving breads and cheeses or placing under a steaming pot of stew. Salvaged from turn-of-the-20th-century buildings in Central Europe, the wood is carefully matched and finished to produce these one-of-a-kind servers. Crafted from solid European pine. The woods natural beauty, burnished by a century of use, gives each piece of wood unique character.
  • $9.95
    Use our foil stickers to embellish gift tags, recipe cards and cookbooks. Designed for use with our personal embosser and embosser plates (sold separately), they are easily imprinted with your name or monogram.Designed to work with our Personal Embosser and interchangeable embosser plates (sold separately).Lends a personal touch to gifts, recipes and more.Lets you identify cookbooks as yours before lending.Self-adhesive just emboss, peel and stick.Shimmering foil in your choice of six colors.Set of 100.
  • $59.95
    Round out your Marisol collection with these earthenware accessories, handcrafted in sun-drenched Mediterranean colors by Sicilian artisans. Because the pattern varies slightly from piece to piece, each one is unique. They complement one another and add a cheerful note to casual table settings. Extremely durable, each piece is dishwasher safe. The chip and dip set measures 15 3/4" in diam. for the platter and 6 1/4" in diam. for the bowl with a 15-oz. capacity. Made in Italy. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $39.95$49.95
    Make an elegant presentation of artisan cheeses with a cool expanse of white marble. Our stand's round marble top rests on a sculptural wood pedestal for a stylish marriage of natural materials. With its cool surface, marble is ideal for serving cheese and fruit. Handcrafted pedestal is made of mango wood. Variations in the color and veining of each piece of marble and wood make every stand a singular work of art.