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Outdoor Grill Accessories

  • Sugg. Price: $60 Our Price: $48
    The design of this chimney makes it fast and easy to light a charcoal fire without lighter fluid. The large size prepares enough coals to grill for hours, so this is a great tool to have when you're cooking outdoors for a crowd. Stainless-steel construction. Adequate ventilation on walls and bottom allows charcoal to light evenly and efficiently. No lighter fluid required use paper and matches. Shield prevents hot embers from escaping when pouring out coals. Helper handle for carrying.
  • Sugg. Price: $14.95 Our Price: $11.96
    Turn your Himalayan salt plate into a grill press with this stainless-steel holder. The salt plate slides right in and creates a press that holds food flat on the grill while imparting subtle salty flavor. This is a great way to grill steaks or butterflied chicken to juicy, salt-kissed perfection. Brushed stainless steel. For use with our Himalayan salt plates (sold separately). Can be used on outdoor grill or stovetop grill. Dishwasher safe.
  • $19.95$34.95
    When you're working around the intense heat of a grill, you need the ultimate protection for your hands, wrists and forearms. Combining maximum coverage with easy maneuverability, our extra-long barbecue mitt is made of a sturdy, high-tech synthetic material that guards against heat up to 475F. 3" longer than typical grilling mitts, providing a reliable shield against the intense heat and inevitable spatters of the outdoor grill. Five-finger nonslip design guarantees a secure, comfortable grip.
  • Sugg. Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.96
    Designed to protect your deck or patio, our rugged mat will keep the area under and around the grill from being damaged by grease spatters, barbecue sauce stains and other common spills. It's made of a super-durable commercial rubber that's engineered to resist the charring heat of sparks, coals or embers. When grilling season is over, the mat rolls tightly for compact storage. Protects your grilling area from heat, stains, spills and spatters.
  • Sugg. Price: $79.95 Our Price: $63.96
    With this innovative lighter you can quickly ignite wood or charcoal briquettes, without the need for lighter fluid, chemical fuels or matches. The fastest, easiest, safest and cleanest way to light barbeques or fireplaces. Eliminates the chemical taste from grills lit using lighter fluid and gas. Patented technology uses a 1,256F airstream to ignite the grilling medium. Lighter will switch off immediately at the release of the On button. The safety casing cools to the touch a few seconds after use.
  • $99
    This perforated insert allows for direct heat cooking on your Memphis Pro Wood Pellet Grill, producing beautifully seared foods. Stainless-steel construction. Perforated with 66 holes that allow the flame heat to reach food for direct cooking. The space between the holes acts as a flavorizer plate. Switch out with the flavorizer using the Genie Multi Tool (sold separately). For use with the Memphis Pro, Elite and Advantage pellet grills. Made in USA.
  • Sugg. Price: $24.95 Our Price: $19.96
    Grilling meat is easierand saferwhen you use this double-layered set of trays made of lightweight melamine and available in two color combinations, white and black or red and black. Place raw meat on the white or red tray, position the black tray underneath and carry both trays to the grill. When your meat is cooked, switch the trays so the black one is on topready to hold your cooked meat. The nested design safely prevents cross-contamination between uncooked and cooked food.
  • Sugg. Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.96
    Backyard chefs who take pride in their grilling can now sear their own initials into steaks and chops using this iron brand thats hand forged by a Texas cattle rancher. Adds a fun and unique personal touch to grilled meats. Hand-forged iron brand is an authentic miniature version of the cattle brands used for centuries to identify livestock and designate ranch families. Includes a wall-mounting storage rack. Choose single, double or triple initials.  All letters will be of equal height and weight.
  • $85
    This pair of stainless-steel grates create an additional cooking area or food-warming station for your Memphis wood pellet grill. Just snap them into place and you're good to go. Stainless-steel construction. Provides an additional 272 sq. inches of cooking area. For use with the Memphis Pro, Advantage and Select pellet grills (does not work with Elite). There is no increase in cooking time when you use additional grates, since the food is cooked by convection or smoking. Includes two grates.
  • Sugg. Price: $24.95 Our Price: $19.96
    Keep the grilled food coming even after the sun goes down. This double LED lamp attaches to your grill handle to shed light exactly where you need itwithout flooding the entire outdoor area with brightness. 12 super-bright LED lights provide maximum illumination. Universal clamp design expands to 2 3/4" wide to fit most grill handles Two rotating heads offer light at any angle. On/off switches allow lighting on one side or both.
  • $14.95
    Designed for use with our Himalayan salt plate, our protective porcelain-enameled steel holder safely transports the plate to and from the grill. Makes carrying salt plate safe and easy. Prolongs the life of the plate by protecting its delicate edges and eliminating pressure on any one area. Acts as a frame to keep the larger pieces of salt together as they wear down.
  • $45
    This is an essential tool for cleaning and maintaining your Memphis pro wood pellet grill, and for safely lifting and removing the insert plates. It's even got a built-in bottle opener, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while grilling. Stainless-steel construction. Use the grooved end to scrape the cooking grid surface clean. Use the flat end to scrape the flavorizer clean. Includes bottle opener. Use to switch out the flavorizer with the Direct Flame insert (sold seperately).
  • Sugg. Price: $19.95 Our Price: $15.96
    For a crowd-pleasing appetizer, stuff jalapeo peppers with cheese or other savory ingredients, then fire-roast them over an outdoor grill. Our new design features smaller holes and wire supports underneath to ensure that all sizes of peppers wont drop through during grilling. Holds up to 18 stuffed or whole peppers upright. Imparts delicious smoky flavor while keeping the peppers a safe distance from the flame. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel.