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Durable Grill Equipment

  • Sugg. Price: $6.95 Sale $1.99
    Keep outdoor grills sparkling clean with these disposable, food-safe wipes. They're made of durable cloth with textured cleaning nodules that scrub through built-up grease and grime without scratching the grill. A great way to ensure a fresh, clean and healthy cooking surface, the wipes are perfect for using on everything from your backyard barbecue to the public grills at parks and beaches. A fast, efficient and convenient way to clean the grill before and after cooking.
  • $249.95
    There's nothing like a charcoal fire to infuse foods with rich, smoky flavorand this full-service grill gives you everything you need to make it happen. A great value, it's loaded with user-friendly features for easy, efficient charcoal cooking. Durable cast-iron grates achieve and retain high heats to guarantee a great sear and uniform cooking. Front-latching door lets you add more charcoal without moving the gratesperfect for low-and-slow favorites like barbecued ribs.
  • $2,475$2,585
    Turn your backyard into a dream kitchen with this outdoor innovation: this kamado-style grill is an ultra-efficient grill, rotisserie, smoker and oven, all in one. To eliminate guesswork, the hood-mounted temperature gauge allows you to dial in on your precise temperature for perfect results every time. Caliber's proprietary technology gives you a broad range of culinary options, from high-temperature searing, grilling and roasting to slow-smoking and gentle baking.
  • $5,325
    One of the worlds oldest culinary techniques, grilling over a wood fire infuses foods with rich, smoky flavor. This wood-burning grill revolutionizes live-fire cooking by providing precise heat control via a grilling surface that can be raised up to 16". Handmade in the USA of heavy-gauge stainless steel, this durable, elegant grill is proportioned with outdoor entertaining in mind. A cast-aluminum crank lets you raise and lower the grilling surface to regulate the cooking temperature.
  • $99$129
    This custom-sized grill cover protects your Sedona by Lynx built-in grill from inclement weather and everyday wear and tear. A finger loop lets you secure the cover for a snug fit, with no baggy edges or exposed parts. Extra-durable textured vinyl. Custom-tailored fit. Deep-embossed Lynx logo. Thick felt lining protects the grill's stainless-steel finish. Pocket seams with heavy-duty flexible nylon cord for a secure fit. Nylon finger loops help pull and secure the cover over grill.
  • $199$299
    This custom-sized grill cover protects your Lynx Professional freestanding grill from inclement weather and everyday wear and tear. A front zipper allows you to easily access the carts doors and swap out a propane tank without removing the cover itself. Extra-durable textured vinyl. Custom-tailored fit. Zipper front for easy access. Deep-embossed Lynx logo. Thick felt lining protects the grill's stainless-steel finish. Pocket seams with heavy-duty flexible nylon cord for a secure fit.
  • Sugg. Price: $170 Our Price: $120
    Count on this enameled cast-iron pan to grill up everything from fresh seasonal vegetables to savory steaks and shrimp. Ideal for cooking indoors or out, the versatile grill pan heats beautifully and sears foods with attractive grill marks. Cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel distributes heat slowly and evenly. Easy-to-clean nonreactive interior does not require seasoning. Grills your favorite foods to perfection indoors or out.
  • Sugg. Price: $180 Our Price: $99.95
    Simple, healthy cooking starts with this French enameled cast-iron grill pan it performs equally well indoors or out. Use it to grill up everything from fresh seasonal vegetables to sizzling steaks and shrimp. High ridges sear food with authentic grill marks, while keeping it separated from fatty drippings. Slender grill pan fits over a single burner on your stovetop or outdoor grill or use it under the broiler. Cast iron absorbs and distributes heat evenly, then retains high heat for perfect searing.
  • Sugg. Price: $180 Our Price: $99.95
    Ideal for quick meals, this nonstick pan simplifies grilling juicy steaks, fish and tender vegetables on the stovetop. Spanning two burners, its ridged cooking surface sears in attractive grill marks, enabling excess fat to drip away. Constructed of anodized aluminum for fast heating and even cooking. Durable nonstick surface ensures flawless release and easy cleanup. High ridges keep foods away from drippings and leave attractive grill marks. Riveted stainless-steel handles stays cool on the cooktop.
  • $80
    Inspired by the open kitchens at our favorite restaurants, we created this high-quality and hard-working cookware to use every single day. The lightweight grill pan combines the exceptional durability and heat conduction of hard-anodized aluminum with the convenience of dishwasher cleanup. For healthy, low-fat cooking, the durable nonstick surface has high ridges that channel fat away. Use it to grill everything from juicy steaks, chops and burgers to tender fish, chicken and vegetables.