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Cleaning Dish Brush

  • $7.95
    Your best stemware deserves a dedicated brush for cleaning. This brush is the ideal shape and size for washing champagne flutes and other narrow wineglasses to a sparkling-clear finish. The soft foam bristles clean gently yet powerfully without scratching glass or crystal. Flexible brush reaches deep into the curves of flutes and other narrow glasses for thorough cleaning. Foam bristles scrub glass clean without scratching.
  • $9.95
    Treat your fine wine decanters to a dedicated cleaning brush to keep them sparkling-clear. Designed to reach into the contours of a decanter, this long brush features soft foam bristles that clean gently yet powerfully without scratching glass or crystal. Long, flexible brush reaches deep into the curves of decanters, pitchers and carafes for thorough cleaning. Foam bristles scrub glass clean without scratching. Even when wet, the soft bristles hold their shape, hugging the contours of the decanter.
  • $4.50
    This German-made wooden dishwashing brush removes tough stuck-on foods, yet its gentle bristles won't scratch nonstick cookware.Stiff yet flexible bristles.Safe for use on nonstick surfaces.Durable construction ensures years of use.Hanging loop.Beech wood handle.Polypropylene bristles.A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $4.95
    When you've got heavy-duty cleaning to do, this brush has tough bristles that efficiently scrub away dirt and grime. The eco-friendly plastic handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand. Tough bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing. Made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic. Comfortably contoured handle for forceful scrubbing. Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up prevention. Hangs for easy storage. 5 1/2" x 2 1/2".
  • $9.95
    Thoroughly clean your nonstick panini and grill pans with this innovative grill brush.  The long, thin, flexible bristles get into pan ridges with ease, removing every last morsel of food without damaging delicate nonstick surfaces. An innovative silicone wiper on the tip of the brush gently scrapes away greasy residue. Ideal for cleaning panini presses, electric indoor grills and waffle makers. Soft, flexible bristles are safe for nonstick cookware.
  • $12.95
    You can count on this brush for heavy-duty dish and pot washing, even on nonstick cookware. The handle's ergonomic grip is comfortable in the hand and won't slip when wet.Designed for cleaning pots, pans and bakeware.Safe for use on nonstick surfaces.Gently scrubs away stubborn baked-on foods.Fill with your favorite liquid soap.Push-button soap dispenser.Soap-level indicator window.Brush head with durable nylon bristles is replaceable and available on our website.Stainless-steel handle has nonslip grip.
  • $5.95
    Essentially two brushes in one, this eco-friendly tool is designed specifically for cleaning tilework and grout. The soft outer bristles gently clean tiles without scratching, while the tough inner bristles go to work scrubbing grout stains. Bristles and body made from recycled plastic. Bamboo handle has natural oil coating to prevent water damage. Easy-grip handle shape for forceful scrubbing. Curved for convenient hanging storage. Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up prevention.
  • $3.95$7.95
    A blend of natural plant-fiber bristles and recycled-plastic bristles goes to work on even the messiest pots and pans. This brush's unique arched shape looks great on your countertop and keeps bristles upright for drying. All-natural plant fiber bristles absorb and hold soap for powerful cleaning. Recycled-plastic bristles provide tough scrubbing action. The handle is bamboo. Base made from biodegradable Bonterra, a plant-based plastic. Bamboo handle is coated with natural oils to prevent water damage.
  • $4.95
    Our potato brush is made for sustainable scrubbing, with a durable bamboo handle and recycled-plastic bristles that make quick work of cleaning the skins and crevices, and removing eyes. Ergonomic shape helps minimize hand fatigue. Built-in point for quickly removing eyes. Handle is sustainable, renewable bamboo with a natural oil finish that wont mold or mildew. Head and bristles made from durable recycled plastic. Stands on-end for quick drying. 4" x 2" x 3/4" high. Made in China.