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Black Natural Decor

  • $69.95$399.95
    Soft and comfortable underfoot, this rug adds a durable cushioned layer to any work area in the home. Woven from resilient natural sisal, it complements a wide variety of home furnishings. 100% sisal is rugged and long-wearing yet soft and comfortable underfoot. Honeycomb weave shows subtle variations in the natural cocoa-brown tone of the sisal. Designed for kitchen, mudroom or hallway. Naturally strong, resilient and sound absorbent. 1 1/2"-wide cotton border. Latex backing keeps rug smooth and in place.
  • $89.95$119.95
    Framed by a double border, our handsome mat is woven from sustainably harvested natural coir fibers coconut husks flayed into extremely tough bristles that trap debris, absorb moisture and resist mildew.One medium mat makes use of approximately 75 coconut husks that would otherwise be discarded.Classic double-border design and personalization add a welcoming touch to the threshold.Rugged bristles absorb moisture, resist mildew and trap dirt.
  • $350
    Polished by hand and set on a wood block base, a natural horn shows the beauty of its tapered, curving form and lustrous, layered shading. Natural yak horn, polished by hand. Set on a museum stand of black-painted wood. Like all products of nature, each is unique. Approx. 2 1/3" diam., 27" high. Made in China.
  • $350
    Faceted points of naturally black quartz sparkle and glow when lit by a tealight candle tucked inside. Artists create these dramatic votives by hand, placing each crystal to create a naturalistic but pleasingly symmetrical form. Black quartz crystals arranged around a glass candle cup on a wood base. For use only with tealight candles (one is included with each votive). Handcrafted from natural materials; each is unique. 6" diam., 5" high; 4.5 lb. Made in USA.
  • $249
    Rich in natural fossil inclusions, Saharan marble lends organic warmth to the tapering architectural shape of this obelisk. Artisans in Morocco carve each obelisk by hand, working the stone to highlight its dramatic veining and the intriguing features that make each piece one of a kind. 4 3/4" sq., 20" high. Carved from genuine Saharan marble. Natural veining and fossil inclusions make each obelisk unique. Hand polished to a smooth texture and semi-gloss sheen. Handcrafted in Morocco.
  • $350
    The artistic medium for our tray's tonal mosaic is an array of polished tiles, crafted from the delicate shells of pen shell clams. Artisans form the richly shaded pattern by meticulously hand-cutting and placing each gleaming black tile, creating a functional work of art. Integral handles make it easy to carry the full tray. Natural variations in the shells make each tray unique. Felt lining on the underside of the tray protects surfaces from scratches.