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You have a fully stocked wet bar in your basement or den, so put it to proper use by filling it up with all of the appropriate bar glasses and barware that they use in your favorite watering holes. Make sure to serve guests drinks in the proper glasses so they not only get the full experience of the cocktail, but also receive all of the proper flavor profiles the spirits have to offer them. Whether you like to shake a martini and serve it up or simply prefer to sip on a glass of bourbon neat, Williams-Sonoma has every glass you need for your bar.

If you enjoy putting your blender to good use by making margaritas, then you need some glasses built to hold the icy mixtures. Find clear glass margarita glasses that let your guests see all of the wonderful colors of their drinks. You can also use multicolored glasses that are fun to bring along on picnics or for using by your pool.

A really popular trend is to serve Moscow Mules in the appropriate copper mugs that were popularized in the drink’s home country of Russia. The drink is easy to make, and all you have to do is crush up some ice in your food processor, then proceed to add your favorite fine vodka, some spicy ginger beer and copious amounts of lime juice. Garnish these mugs with a lime to complete the Moscow Mule experience.

No bar is complete without a wide selection of cocktail glasses with long stems. With these glasses, you can serve up dry martinis in the same fashion as James Bond, or you can go a little fruitier and serve lemon drops, appletinis and cosmopolitans. Make sure you have all of the appropriate bar tools to shake and sift your drinks, including mixing cups, stirring straws and knives to create decadent garnishes and twists.

There is perhaps nothing as classy as drinking bourbon, Scotch, whiskey and rye out of the appropriate glass. Stock up on old-fashioned glasses to serve your timeless bottles of fine whiskey neat, with a couple of drops of sparkling water or with a single ice cube. Serving these drinks with a little extra water helps to bring out the flavor. If you want to try your hand at something a little more complicated, mull some sugar, cherries and oranges into the glass along with ice to create and old fashion, or add some extra vermouth to create a Manhattan.

If you are the type of host who prefers to serve shots of liqueurs to his guests, make sure they are ice cold by purchasing a shot glass that you can store in the freezer. These shot glasses stay safe from shattering due to their specially engineered designs and they deliver a shot that is extra smooth, traveling down the throat and into the stomach with style and grace.

Of course there is always going to be room at your bar for people who prefer to drink wine and beer. Make sure you have an adequate number of pint glasses so you can pour a frothy head out of your beer fridge just in time for the big game. We offer several beer glasses that come with prints of the logos of your favorite NFL teams, and you can even get monogrammed mugs for regulars at your home bar. If you like to try new craft beers on the regular, you need the proper glassware for that. IPAs require rounded glasses to bring out the floral profile, while pilsners taste better from tall, thin glasses. For beers with higher than average ABVs, make sure to get a snifter glass for swirling.