Pizza Oven Tools

Now, virtually anyone can create homemade pizza that is crunchy, perfectly browned and delicious. Williams-Sonoma makes it easy with professional-quality outdoor pizza ovens. They feature precise temperature control and quick heating so that your pizza is ready to eat in just minutes. This convenience, together with superior quality, makes preparing homemade pizza a veritable phenomenon throughout the country.
To obtain the best results from your outdoor pizza oven, it is obviously important to use the right tools for the job. The Kalamazoo Pizza Oven Tool Set features durable, precision tools for making great pizza. A large aluminum peel serves to place pizzas effortlessly inside of the oven, and a smaller peel moves pizzas around for perfect browning. Two stacking dough trays and a dough scraper allow you to work efficiently with dough when preparing pizza. A brass-bristle brush with a stainless steel scraper keeps the oven’s cooking surface clean and ready to go. For apartment balconies or homes without a lot of outdoor space, the Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven occupies far less room but still bakes homemade pizza in five minutes. Handy accessories, like a weather-resistant polyester cover, help you to get the most out of this versatile and popular piece of cooking equipment. For tools to help you serve fresh pizza with style, look no further, and for quick food prep, a chef’s knife can mince onions, garlic and other ingredients in no time.