Chicken Coops

Enjoy farm fresh eggs every day without trekking to the market. Our chicken coops and accessories offer everything you need to raise chickens in your own backyard. When choosing a coop, be sure to allow plenty of space for your chickens to move around. Space ensures that chickens are happy and healthy, which prevents problems and allows them to lay eggs regularly. Your coop should also provide light, air circulation and shelter from the elements. We offer coop sizes and styles, letting you choose an option that suits your space and meets the needs of your brood. Our coops also offer additions such as runs, perches and nesting boxes, ensuring that your birds are comfortable and content. Accessories such as feeders and waterers keep your chickens from feeling hungry and thirsty throughout the day.
Williams-Sonoma collections also include plenty of accessories to help you collect and store your eggs. Baskets and bowls are handy tools for collecting eggs from nesting boxes. You can store your eggs in egg crates or place them in a container in the fridge for additional protection. When it is time to cook delicious egg dishes, you can choose from a large selection of cookware, including skillets, griddles, omelet pans, egg poachers, frittata pans and crepe pans.