Heat & Serve BBQ Meats

Most people can’t even hear the word BBQ mentioned without having their mouth start to water. Meat so tender it falls off the bone, sweet sauce covering their fingers and just the right amount of spiciness. It’s not hard to see why barbecued beef and pork are beloved American classics. The only problem is that in today’s hectic world, not everyone has a whole day available to slow-cook meats. At Williams-Sonoma, we have a convenient solution that brings all the hearty flavor and goodness of homemade BBQ right to your door. Our Heat & Serve collection features ultra-tender beef brisket, traditional ribs and smoky pork tenderloin, all covered in a tangy Memphis-style barbecue sauce. A large platter is ideal for serving meals right at the dining room table.
Each piece of meat is hand-rubbed with seasoning, and then cooked slow over hickory until it’s soft and juicy. Finally, it gets a coating of characteristic sweet and deep-flavored BBQ sauce. From an award-winning BBQ pit in Memphis, these classics arrived at your home ready to heat and serve, to the delight of your entire family. That way you can enjoy gourmet cuisine even if you have to cook in a hurry. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. For other nights when you’re feeling stressed, a panini press makes grilled sandwiches in minutes that your kids will love. Toaster ovens are another time saver, since they can cook pizza, casseroles and other items much faster since they don’t take long to heat up.