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Decorative Wreaths

When people think of wreaths, they typically think of Christmas. However, wreaths are year-round decorative pieces that look wonderful in a variety of settings. Whether adorned with fir branches and cranberries or lavender and eucalyptus, wreaths provide a finishing touch to that special space in your home and make it stand out.

Bring in the outdoors. Wreaths look beautiful when displayed indoors. Place a wreath over a fireplace mantel to add an organic feel to the space. If you have a row of windows, hanging a wreath from each window with a thick piece of decorative ribbon creates a dramatic, uniform look for seasonal decorating. The repeated pattern is both soothing to the eye and lovely to look at. A wreath hung from a large mirror with a piece of decorative ribbon looks polished and distinctive. If you would like to add a little more sparkle, wrap the wreath in string lights. The mirror reflects the light’s illumination and creates a warm, luminous glow.

Consider giving a wreath as a gift. If you’re looking for a gift for that special chef in your life, choosing a wreath made of herbs that are grown without pesticides or herbicides is a thoughtful gift that reminds them of you each time they pick some herbs for cooking. A wreath of dried purple Mexican sage, bay leaves, pepperberries, orange safflowers and lavender serves both as a colorful decorative piece and is something your recipient can use throughout the year for cooking. Or how about giving a monogrammed wreath? Tying a large ornamental letter to the back of a wreath with craft wire, so the letter is displayed in the wreath’s opening, adds a personal touch and looks lovely on a front door. The recipient is sure to appreciate the thought you put into this handcrafted gift.

Having a dinner party? Here’s a tip to make your table a stunning focal point. Wrap a wreath in battery operated string lights. Turn the wreath on its side and suspend it from the ceiling above the dining table, so the decorative side is facing the table. Place a table runner on the center of the dining room table and lay garland on the table runner. Put flameless tealight candles in votive holders and position them along both sides of the garland. Your event is sure to be spectacular and your table is certain to be a conversation piece. Alternatively, another simple but eye-catching look is to lay a wreath on a table or hard surface and to place a flameless hurricane candle and candle holder in the center of the wreath. The organic look of the wreath, combined with the light illuminating from the candle, is alluring and adds a festive feel.

Create drama outside. Hanging three identical wreaths from one another with craft wire, so the wreaths extend down the door, makes your door the focal point of the house. To take the look a step further, add matching garland above the door. If you want to keep the look throughout the year, choosing eucalyptus wreaths and eucalyptus garland is an excellent option.

Wrap it up. There’s something extra special about a beautifully wrapped gift and personalizing the gift wrap is a perfect way to show that special someone they’re on your mind. To use a handcrafted wreath as an ornament for a gift, wrap garland in a circle that’s slightly smaller than your package. Tie the ends together with craft wire and cut off the excess. Tie the wreath onto the gift with decorative ribbon or string. The recipient is certain to love this one-of-a-kind wrapping and your thoughtfulness.

Caring for wreaths is a snap. Live wreaths may require light daily misting to keep them fresh, depending on the plants incorporated into the design. Wreaths are easy to dust with a soft paintbrush or a feather duster. When storing wreaths, you can wrap most in tissue paper and store them in a hard container individually to ensure they maintain their shape.