A lot of things come together to transform your home into an attractive place that you love. There’s decor, furniture, paint colors and lighting, which all make a statement. But the first thing you notice – and that guests do too – is whether or not a space is fresh and clean. A spotless kitchen looks absolutely amazing and inviting. It looks brighter, more energetic and more spacious. Cleanliness enhances all the other aspects of the room. At Williams-Sonoma, we know you work hard to keep your home beautiful. But we also understand that you also want to take care of your skin. That’s why we’ve designed hand soaps and cleaning products that get the job done, but treat your hands in the process. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of a clean kitchen and ultrasoft skin too.


Hand soap is essential in any kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to make dinner or just want your family to stay healthy; regular hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. Having soap next to each faucet lets everyone wash up quickly. The catch? Normally, water and other soaps tend to dry out your hands, so washing them often doesn’t leave them very smooth. But our hand soap takes care of that problem. It gets rid of germs and dirt while also moisturizing and pampering your skin. What’s the secret? The healing characteristics of olive oil, aloe vera and glycerin work together to hydrate and protect, so you can tackle every element of your daily routine with supple hands. Smooth hand lotion takes things a step further.


That same idea inspired our dish soap. It has to be strong enough to remove grease and food from your dinnerware, but never harsh. Thanks to the degreasing properties of soapbark extract, our soap leaves frying pans and dishes spotless, and your skin soft and beautiful. And we added essential oils to the mix for extra moisture. We want you to feel good about what you do and still look great afterwards.


Completely natural ingredients leave the whole room with a fresh feeling, and give you peace of mind too. There are no dangerous chemicals like ammonia or chlorine to worry about, and no lauramide DEA or parabens either – only natural oils, essences and cleansing elements. Because these soaps are biodegradable, they’re good for the environment too. None of our products are tested on animals.


A big part of what makes our hand soap and dish soap shine – besides being effective and soft on your skin – is their irresistible aroma. With the right scent, you can travel to a Parisian garden, relax on a tropical beach or escape the snow in front of a warm fireplace. Pleasant aromas infuse your home with a sense of excitement and beauty. They make you happy. And with a smile on your face, the whole day is a lot easier. All of our scents come from premium oils, spices and essences from around the world. Enjoy the fresh fragrance of cedar, pine, thyme, citrus and other combinations. Create an appealing mood in any room with our aromatic candles in coordinating scents.


It goes without saying that products you love also make excellent gifts. Once you’ve chosen a favorite, feel free to share your discovery with your closest friends. Or, if you prefer to keep your personal aroma a secret – don’t worry, we’re not saying a thing – choose one of our other scintillating scents as a present. Whoever receives it can remember you fondly every time they wash their hands.


Of course, the sink isn’t the only area where you clean. Countertops and other surfaces need some love too, and we’ve got your back. Our countertop spray disinfects the area quickly and effortlessly before you set down a cutting board to get started with food prep. For unexpected spills on the floor or spots around the kitchen, all-purpose cleaner does the trick. They’re available with the same captivating scents and moisturizing ingredients as our hand products.