New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Pillows and throws are an interior decorator’s dream. They’re fun to play around with and offer endless possibilities for decoration in almost every room inside – and outside – the house. We know you have a natural gift for decor, so at Williams-Sonoma we do everything possible to provide you with the tools you need. Whether designing a new layout from scratch or just spicing things up a bit, pillows and throws are a big help. Check out these featured pillows and throws for extra inspiration.

Impress guests with your fashion sense. Stripes, animal prints and artistic designs all provide lots of chic. They take your living room or bedroom to Paris and back. Layering textures goes a long way here too. Tassels and embroidery – and anything fuzzy – cater to your sense of sight and touch at the same time. Decorative pillows with a sheen stand out right away.

Include additional colors into your room’s color palette. Accent pillows are good ways to introduce a few pops of intense color without overwhelming the space. And no one said they had to be different shades of the same tone. Feel like adding purple, yellow and blue to your white room? Go right ahead. The same thing goes when trying to play off of an accent wall. If you have dark wall colors, choose neutral furniture and enhance everything with a contrasting pillow or throw.

Don’t be afraid of change. If you feel like moving things around or switching a room theme, do it. That creates visual excitement around the house both for you and your guests. It’s easier to get things done with a spring in your step when the house looks new to you. Decorative pillows and throws are easy to switch around or rotate with the seasons. Enjoy a new layout as often as you want.

If you want the living room to feel especially warm and inviting, focus on comfortable textures and soothing tones. Brown, light green, pink and blue usually have that effect. Leather or suede pillows fit right in with a rustic ambience and wood furniture. The lighting you choose also sets the mood; indirect illumination helps you relax.

During cold weather, wool or alpaca throws make the room warm literally. They’re great for wrapping around yourself if you’re going to sit out by a fire pit or in front of the fireplace. They also keep you toasty when you just get out of bed in the morning. A soft rug is also welcome for waking feet, especially if your bedroom has wood floors.

Expressing yourself in your bedroom’s decor is important. When making your bed in the morning, finish things off with a couple of your favorite accent pillows and other stylish bedding. It fills you with confidence for the rest of your day. Plus, when you come home at night, your bed is right there waiting to take your stress away. Pick decorative pillows that fit your personality.

Feel free to explore other cultures through your accent pieces. You don’t have to travel to China or Thailand to borrow some ideas for your home. Floral and natural scenes embroidered onto a silk pillow lend an Oriental flair to a space, especially if they use contrasting white and blue tones. For a Middle Eastern vibe instead, choose decorative pillows with geometric patterns, gold accents and lots of bold colors.

Looking to treat yourself to something luxurious? That’s where faux fur comes in. Supersoft to the touch and instantly noticeable, faux fur feels amazing against the skin. When decorating, it’s so elegant that you don’t even need to worry about folding it to drape over furniture. Just let it hang gracefully off of one side for an instant air of sophistication. And it’s warm too, perfect for staying cozy on the couch.