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All Pillows

Throw pillows make an ideal accent for any seating arrangement you create in your home. Window seats, chaise lounges, sectional sofas and cozy rocking chairs all get an extra burst of color, texture and softness from a well-chosen throw pillow. From fluffy faux fur to all-weather spun polyester, Williams-Sonoma Home’s offerings in this product category provide a substantial range of accent pillow options for you to consider. This versatile selection of accent pillow covers and inserts grants you the means to select luxurious, stylish accessories for all your seating areas. Whether it’s a reading nook in your bedroom or a large lounge sectional in your back garden, our accent pillows are sure to add something special.

As you peruse for your perfect pillow, think about the approach you want to take to this adaptable accessory category. Do you want your pillows to blend in with your decor for a subtle effect? Solid pillow covers might be your best bet. Do you prefer something dramatic and luxe? Consider a shaggy, chic faux fur option instead. You can also go for an eclectic mix of patterns and textures to add extra dimension to your seating areas. Pillows provide a great opportunity to really get creative with your accent pillows, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

If you opt to mix pillow covers with different patterns and textures, you may want to focus on a single color family to keep your arrangement cohesive. Hone in on a color that’s present as an accent elsewhere in the room for greater design cohesion, or choose a color that’s complimentary to your main focal shade. The way you layer your accent pillows can have an effect on the room too. You can use a pilow with a subtle allover pattern to form the back layer of your pillow arrangement, then put a solid pillow in front or go for a coordinating pattern with larger, more abstract design.

Think about texture too. Blending different fabrics creates a sumptuous feel to relax into. Velvet is a fantastic option, especially when you blend it with other luxe options like silk or faux fur. Velvet has the added design bonus of subtle texture and slight sheen that will add yet another layer of depth and sensual interest to your seating arrangement. Get bold and go for texture contrast – if you have a leather sofa, try using lambswool or cashmere pillows on top of linen. If your sofa upholstery is a fine-spun cotton, suede and velvet pillows can make for a nice contrast. You’ll end up with an inviting arrangement that feels fantastic and looks luxurious from across the room.

We offer accent pillows in a range of different styles, colors and materials, and we even have a generous selection of outdoor pillows for you to consider as well. Stuffed with fast-drying polyfill and covered in tightly woven spun polyester, these pillows stand up to the sun without fading and can dry off quickly after an unexpected shower. Pair these pillows with lounge or dining seating from our outdoor furniture collections to create an amazingly comfortable and refined al fresco oasis. Your outdoor seating can be just as polished and elegant as what you have indoors.

Most of our accent pillows sell in two pieces, with covers arriving separately from their inserts. We offer pillow inserts with both synthetic and white feather fill, giving you a fully customizable experience. Choose the pillow covers that appeal most to you, and then select inserts with the fill material you prefer. You can create an entire wardrobe of seasonal pillow covers to switch out throughout the year. Pair your pillow cover selections with the right pillow inserts and you’ll have all the tools you need to create comfortable seating accents both indoors and out.