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Pillows & Throws

Add a bit of decoration and comfort to your living space with just the right pillows and throws. With everything from bold, solid colors to enliven your living room, or interesting patterns to decorate seating in your mudroom or on your porch, there are a myriad of decor choices at your disposal. Look through Williams-Sonoma’s expansive collection to find just the right pillows and throws that complement your existing colors and styles.

Solid and Patterned Pillows

For some areas, select pillows with solid, muted colors that add a tone of warmth to the space. For others, choose bold patterns that complement the other aspects of the room, such as the decor and wall art. Choose from many different colors and styles to find what makes your room sing. Opt for lumbar pillows to help support back muscles or decorative pillows to complete the look.

Velvet, Leather and Faux Fur Pillows

Sometimes it’s more about the feel of the pillow as opposed to the look. Opt for a set of velvet pillows for a silky-smooth texture that works well on any type of sofa or chair. Leather pillows also offer a distinctive feel, and work well on the furniture in your home office. Similarly, leather pillows also bring an element of style to a mudroom or enclosed porch. During the winter months, you may want something a little out of the ordinary for a cozy, by-the-fireplace sort of feel. Faux fur pillows offer this and more. Always cruelty-free, these pillows give you the maximum softness and comfort while adding a plush, classic style to your living space.

Outdoor Pillows and Pillow Inserts

Sometimes you need a durable pillow that’s going to stand up to the elements while still providing elegant sophistication. Choose from a bevy of outdoor pillows that offer the same classic style, but also durability against the elements. Peruse a selection of pillow inserts to revitalize older pillows, or simply to offer your room an updated look.


Complete the look in any room by adding just the right throw. Choose from materials such as cashmere, cotton, wool and faux fur to either match your pillows, or to coordinate with other attributes of the room, such as rugs and window treatments. Mix and match with pillows by using a solid-colored pillow and patterned throw, or vice versa. Choose a faux fur or cashmere throw to help keep warm in the winter, or opt for a throw that’s completely decorative to polish off your room’s decor.