Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Pillows

When designing an outdoor space, it’s important to go ahead and express your all of your creativity without limits. The reason for this is that exteriors can definitely benefit from being exciting and energetic. Bold colors and striking designs are the new outside norm. Plenty of outdoor fun revolves around laughing and spending time with your friends and family, and what better way is there to enhance the joy than with some bright colors? If you’re not sure how to make your dreams into reality, don’t worry. At Williams-Sonoma, we’re full of practical ideas. One great way to bring outdoor furniture to life is with decorative pillows. Here are a few helpful suggestions. Have fun with them!

Add lots of color. Nature itself is extremely colorful, so it’s no surprise that a patio looks great that way too. Warm up to bright reds, blues, greens and other shades. Which one is the best to choose? Actually, that depends more on your personal taste. You want to surround yourself with hues that make you feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time. And there are a lot to choose from.

Pick a theme. Design themes come in a lot of different shapes and forms. They can be color themes, like everything blue or green. Or you can choose a location instead. Accent pillows with tropical themes, for example, usually include lots of bright green tones and beach motifs. Some other design schemes you can go for are African safari, Miami Beach or a vacation in Thailand.

Consider colors. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know what you like. But certain colors tend to create specific feelings in people. That’s a big help in decorating with an ambience in mind. Green is a very relaxing color, which is why it’s used a lot in spas. If your idea of a great patio is falling asleep underneath an umbrella, green might be just what you need. Reds infuse a space with passion and energy. They’re great for creating an atmosphere of family and love. Blue is laidback and inspiring, making it a natural choice for spots designed for reading and reflection. White pillows are bright and enhance the feeling of freedom you get from the outdoors. Other shades may appeal to your artistic side.

Change things up for excitement. No one said you have to stick with the same color combination forever. It’s really easy to spice things up with minimum work by just swapping accent pillows from time to time. Actually, you can have lots of fun if you customize your pillows when throwing a party. Choose tones and styles that match the occasion. Another important party tip anywhere is to remember lighting. With the right lights, you don’t have to stop a nighttime party until you’re ready. They also add a lot to your home’s mood.

Express your home’s decor in bolder ways. If you need some inspiration for your outdoor decor, look inside. Not inside as in your heart; inside as in the interior of your house! The way you decorate your other rooms gives you an idea about your personality. It might be classic, artistic or modern. Then all you need to do is take those elements and turn them up a notch. The result is all you, but in an outdoor package. If you prefer something elegant, look for furniture with dark metal. Then add decor with intricate designs.

Pick a pattern. Motifs can stand out even more than color does, providing endless opportunities to leave your personal signature on an outdoor design layout. You’re the artist and accent pieces are your paintbrush. Looking for an exotic feel? Check out decor with tropical prints and geometric patterns. That works so well for beach themes. For something a little more French, go with thick stripes.