Beach Towels

Beach Towels

From a glittering ocean shore to the patio of an urban pool, a good beach towel is a must-have accessory for lounging around in the sun and taking a dip in the water. No matter how you relax in the great outdoors, make sure to pack a Williams-Sonoma Home beach towel before you head out. Our luxuriously plush beach towels are crafted from preshrunk combed cotton that’s a plush printed velour on one side and a highly absorbent looped terry on the other. The result is a thick, warm towel that you can use as a cushion when you lay on the sand or as a wrap for when you return to dry land after a swim.

Our beach towels differ from our bath towels in a few ways. One of the most significant is that our beach towels tend to be just a little bit bigger in both length and width, making them perfect for covering a pool chair or sprawling out on a lush green lawn. Beach towels also have more of a decorative flair, with the printed velour side providing a lovely display of color and pattern. Some of our beach towel selections are more subdued, with only a decorative trim, so you can select a style that appeals to you.

If you have an outdoor lounge area with chaise loungers in a sunny spot, it’s a great idea to keep a basket of beach towels handy for guests to use. Our chaise loungers are plenty comfortable on their own, but some guests like to have a towel to lay on as an extra soft cushion for bare skin. Even if you don’t have a pool, hot tub or natural swimming spot on your property, providing beach towels for guests is a thoughtful and luxurious touch that elevates hospitality and helps guests feel completely comfortable.

Our beach towels are so plush and luxurious, they make great gifts. Globe-trotting friends, newlyweds off on their honeymoon, college students heading off for an unforgettable tropical spring break and new homeowners alike are all good candidates for a luxurious beach towel gift. Give the towels in pairs or create a gift basket complete with tropical accoutrements such as luxe sunglasses and tropical liqueur. These sumptuously plus towels make a great “treat yourself” gift as well. If you’ve been aiming to send yourself on a much-needed seaside vacation, kick off your plans with some gorgeous new beach towels.

Whether boating on a lake in a landlocked state or globetrotting to the world’s most far-flung beaches, a good beach towel is the perfect companion for a relaxing day outdoors. Whether you prefer an active day of snorkeling and surfing or you prefer to lay out in the sun with a good book and a sleepy attitude, our beautiful beach towels provide the softness, warmth and absorbency you need to stay comfortable while you’re out and about. Use our towels to brush sand off your legs or dry sea spray off your shoulders. Cover a sun-warmed beach lounger or put a barrier between yourself and the floor of a grassy clearing. These towels come in handy in so many different ways.

Our beach towels are luxurious and practical, striking the perfect balance for an outdoor accessory. Give them as gifts or stock up for yourself. Mix and match patterns or purchase multiples of the print or motif that appeals to you most. From the beach to the deck of a boat, our beach towels give you a high level of comfort on the go. Use the plush velour side as cushion, and then flip it over and use the absorbent terry side to towel off after you take a swim.