Bar Carts, Sideboards & Buffets
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Bar Carts, Sideboards & Buffets

When decorating the home, most people spend plenty of time picking out the big pieces like dining tables, sectionals and beds. That’s a good thing since they have a huge style impact. However, don’t stop there. Take advantage of extra space to include accent pieces like artwork, serving tables and distinctive lighting. They create a deeper ambience, intensifying your existing layout like a painting with a rich color palette. Williams-Sonoma has something for every personality, from formal to artistic. Bar carts, sideboards and buffet tables are beautiful and functional tools with lots of design possibilities. Here are some ways to make the most of them in your dining room.

A console table offers space for decor. Storage aside, their surface provides space for art, vases and candleholders. Bowls and jars are great choices for a culinary-inspired space. They hold everything from fresh fruit to other decorative objects. Console tables with a single shelf below the main top provide double the visual excitement.

Highlight your favorite artwork with a buffet table underneath. Furniture draws everyone’s attention to a focus wall and adds depth. In addition, it provides an opportunity for complementary pops of color and texture. That goes for any space, all the way from the foyer to an intimate bedroom. A stunning mirror in the entryway stands out and lets you check your appearance before heading out of the house.

A sleek buffet table is ideal for informal serving. Minimalist designs feel spacious. In the dining room, that makes it easy to take food straight from kitchen to table so guests get all the delicious aromas of your cooking. When placed in the living room, a buffet table keeps game night snacks and drinks close by. Its shelves hold glasses, coasters and whatever else you need for an unforgettable party. Doors offer lots of storage that’s hidden neatly from view.

In small spaces, a bar cabinet keeps your personal collection ready to whip out without taking up much room. The top surface easily holds several glasses and your guests’ liquor of choice. Wood tones add warmth to the room, making everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Many cabinets have racks for stemware, space for bar tools and deep shelves for all the spirits needed to mix your favorite drinks.

A bar cart offers the advantage of going wherever you go. It nestles beautifully into a corner of the dining room, slides effortlessly into the living room and even heads outside without problems. By staying close to the action, it lets you mix drinks without tons of trips to the kitchen. Have fun, make sure guests are enjoying themselves, and be the life of the party.

For traditional dining rooms, choose a sideboard. Its formal contours and storage space are specifically created for serving. Tons of shelves hold place settings, serving pieces, drinkware, table coverings and centerpieces. Use the drawers to store fine flatware and napkins. When not serving, decorate the top with a few large vases.

In smaller spaces, a console table is a big help. Its narrow profile fits almost anywhere and gives guests room to maneuver without problems. With a couple of stools, you have a cozy spot for juice and coffee in the morning. Large open concept dining areas, on the other hand, usually have room for a full bar. Choose bold artwork to bring the room to life.

If you’re looking for something rustic, choose richly colored wood pieces. Complete the design with a hair-on-hide rug and leather seating. In the living room or entertainment room, a large sectional invites everyone to kick back and relax. Indirect lighting via a floor lamp makes you feel especially comfortable.

When it comes to modern chic, focus on console tables and serving pieces with metallic accents, the more reflective, the better. Console tables with glass add lots of light to the space, and stainless-steel bar carts stand out right away. Display your collection of aged liquors proudly for everyone to see. If you prefer the look of a wood buffet, pick one with sharp lines. Decorate with a shiny metal tray, candles or glass accents.