Nightstands & Dressers

Nightstands & Dressers

If you’re searching for an effective way to contain your growing wardrobe and make the most of your bedroom’s space, outfit your room with additional furniture, such as a nightstand or dresser from Williams-Sonoma. Whether you are searching for a single piece of furniture or a matching set, there is a variety of gorgeous options that complement your existing bedroom furniture. When browsing through your options, consider how much space you have to work with and what kind of storage you want the furniture to provide.

If your extra bedroom space is minimal, it is time to get creative. Accent and side tables are both smart alternatives to traditional nightstands that work well in small rooms thanks to their small frames. You can even opt for a nightstand that comes with a drawer if you need a place to stow all of your nighttime essentials. Make sure that you can reach your nightly reading material with ease by picking a side table that adjusts to the height of your bed. Simply move the adjustable level so that the surface of your table is easily accessible while you are nestled under your quilt. Side tables equipped with multiple shelves work well to neatly display your most treasured photographs and decorative items.

If space isn’t an issue and you’re looking to overhaul the entire look of your bedroom, pick out a matching nightstand and dresser. Choose from an assortment of smart finishes and designs so that your new furniture matches your decor preferences. Mahogany furniture is a handsome selection that looks amazing in a home that favors rustic decor. For the contemporary bedroom, explore more modern materials, such as marble, glass and seashells. If you just can’t decide between multiple looks, go for a nightstand or dresser that combines two popular designs, such as wood furniture that boasts a marble table top or drawer fronts.

On frigid winter nights, you want your collection of comfortable throw blankets close by. A nightstand that includes cabinets conceals your blankets and pillows until you need them, and it keeps small hands and furry family members from playing with them or sleeping on them. Some nightstands meld open concept storage with drawer storage so that you have the ability to stow some items out of sight while proudly displaying others. Place a basket or tray in the open portion of the nightstand to hold smaller items, such as jewelry, chargers for your electronics or gloves and hats.

One way to effortlessly make your bedroom appear larger is to select mirrored furniture. The mirrors reflect everything in the room, such as your bed, making your bedroom appear spacious and open. Wooden bedroom furniture in charming light hues, such as white, ivory or beige, also lends an airy atmosphere to your home.

On evenings when bringing work home is a necessity, make sure that you have a tranquil spot to tackle that to-do list. Large framed nightstands or dressers usually have enough counter space to house a lamp, ensuring that you have enough light to read or look over your notes. Just pull up a cozy chair and use the generous table top to house your notes and papers as you work.

During your search for new furniture, don’t forget to examine spaces in close proximity to your bedroom, such as your master bathroom and closet. Your closet may be lacking storage for some of the smaller pieces in your wardrobe. If so, nestle a lingerie tower in your closet to expand your storage. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to position it in a non-conspicuous spot. The small drawers are ideal for housing a multitude of items, such as undergarments, ties, belts and other small accessories.