Office Chairs
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Make your home office ultra comfortable and inviting with one of Williams-Sonoma Home’s home office chairs. These simply stylish seating options bring form and function to your workspace, providing reliable support and decorative design for you to enjoy while you get down to business. All of our home office seating styles bring elegance and relaxation to your desk. Choose from a variety of woven or wooden styles if you prefer a simple chair, or pick a leather-and-metal or customizable upholstered option to introduce additional decorative elements into the space.

Our home office chairs match beautifully with our desks and tables, and you can pick and choose which elements you want to combine to create your final home office chair-and-desk duo. Pick a plush armchair for your seat and select lower-profile side chairs to place in front of the desk, where clients, colleagues and family members can sit and chat with you while you’re in the office at home. You can match design elements such as metallic finish colors or desk and chair leg shapes to create a cohesive duo. Or, pick two contrasting elements to create a polished sense of eclecticism in your home office area.

While many of these chairs work exceptionally well as desk seating for workers and guests, they can also fill in a lounge chair role if you like to have a cozy reading nook available in your office. It’s nice to have an occasional chair or two available in a home office, study or library setting so you can have a place to get comfortable and read, brainstorm, write or problem solve in a more relaxed posture. If you want several chairs in your office space for separate seating vignettes, consider choosing different styles to add decorative variety and versatility to the room.

As you shop for home office chairs, consider what you need to feel comfortable at your desk. Do you generally dislike the feeling of hard surfaces while you’re trying to relax and get into the flow of a productive work day? Do you find plush upholstered chairs too relaxing to promote focus? You may find that you want to be able to prop your feet up on an ottoman or have a cushion at your lower back to provide extra support as you sit. From high-backed chairs with deep seats to efficient low-back chairs with armrest support, our collection of home office chairs offers a range of features you can choose from to create the ideal seating arrangement.

Spend some time thinking about what desk and chair combination will suit you best, but don’t forget to consider the finishing touches for your home office as well. You can make an amazing chair, desk and ottoman combo even more enjoyable by setting it all up on top of a plush, silky rug. If you choose a desk chair without wheels, you’ll have greater freedom in the kind of floor covering you select to tie your workspace together. Go for a deep-pile rug if you wish, or stick with an efficient, easy-to-clean flatweave option for a more casual approach.

Whether you like your office furniture modern or traditional, you’ll find home office chairs to match your style among our collection. You can keep your office space simple or make it exciting and glamorous. Pair your home office chair choice with a spacious, sturdy desk from our office furniture collection to give yourself a complete work setup for everything from your day job to simple household tasks or creative projects. No matter what you end up doing at your desk, you’ll feel comfortable and supported in one of our home office chairs.