All Home Office
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All Home Office

The furniture you choose for your home office should be sturdy, functional and stylish. Williams-Sonoma Home’s All Home Office Furniture section provides selections that meet all three criteria. Choose from a glamorous glass-topped desk on shining brass bases and sleek bookcases with added drawer space to form the foundation for your office, then fill in with a comfortable desk chair and appropriate lighting. Whether you use your home office every day as your primary place of business or it’s a space where you sit occasionally to focus on household tasks like bill paying, it pays to make the space as appealing and useful as possible. We’ll help you make that happen with minimal fuss.

You can start your home office furniture search with the desk, which can be the centerpiece of the room or a subtle side accessory in a larger space. We offer large, stately desks and small fold-up desks that hide in their housing when they’re not in use. Use these desks to anchor a warm and inviting study or place one in your living room to provide a seated work surface when you need it. Whether you live in a large home with a dedicated office room or a loft apartment without walls or divisions, you’ll find desk options that suit your needs and bring plenty of style into the space.

No matter what style of desk you choose, you’ll want a chair to go with it, and our All Home Office Furniture section has that area covered, too. Choose from stately armchairs, unobtrusive side chairs and customizable upholstered chairs with shapely legs. Whether you like a leather-and-metal look or you prefer a classic woven chair, you’ll have the power to match your preferred seating style with the style and finish of your favorite home office desk from our collection.

We have a fantastic selection of home office lamps you can use to shed some light on whatever task is in front of you. We offer lighting for any desk setup. If you like to have an adjustable task lamp on your work surface so you can illuminate specific areas, choose one of our task-style table lamps. We also have larger lamps with a decorative flair that can add style and pizzazz to your office. Pick out one or several lamps to create a varied lighting arrangement in your office so you have the versatility you need to suit specific tasks. Whether you’re reading through documents in a comfortable side chair or responding to emails at your desk, you’ll have the illumination you need to see the job through.

Finish off your beautiful new home office setup with some artwork and accessories from our decor collection. Give yourself a lovely vase of flowers to contemplate as you power through your to-do list. Use a stylish bowl or basket as a decorative organization alternative to the standard office file sorter. Finish your office arrangement by placing a stunning painting or moody photograph in a central location where you and anyone who visits can consider its beauty. When you surround yourself with attractive accessories and chic furniture, you’ll add new drive and focus to your home workspace.

From modern glam to traditional restraint, our All Home Office Furniture reflects a variety of decorative styles you can use to make your home office design a smashing success. Make the space into a welcoming place you’re eager to spend time in. Even if you tend to enjoy the work you do at your desk, bringing cheer and joy to the room can only improve your experience. Our range of options lets you focus on the home office style elements that are most important to you.