With their balance of form and function, beautiful decorative boxes are the perfect multifunctional accents to use anywhere you need a little efficiency. Whether you’re storing beloved everyday jewelry or stowing away important mementos, boxes are useful decorative objects that add beauty to a room while also serving a purpose. Williams-Sonoma Home’s collection of decorative boxes come in a beautiful array of shapes, sizes and colors, giving you just the right number of options to choose from. Pick out a single box to keep next to your kitchen sink so you can safely store your wedding ring while you’re doing the dishes, or pick out a coordinating collection of boxes for your mantelpiece. Let your imagination guide you as you shop.

Our decorative boxes are perfect for dual storage and display functionality in your master and guest bedrooms. Choose from materials such as glass, metal, stone, wood and fabric as you select the perfect boxes for your nightstand or dresser display. You’ll find styles ranging from classically elegant blue and white ceramics to sleek, angular wooden boxes with a distinct modern edge, so you can find exactly the right look for your bedroom. Choose a glamorous glass and metal option for a boudoir look, or opt for a simple zebrawood style for a subtly decorated temple to tranquility.

Decorative boxes can just as easily display empty as full, but it can make a delightful surprise for guests to find something special tucked inside one of these stylish containers. Keep a collection of beautiful beach shells in a decorative box on your living room coffee table, or tuck some candy in there if you occasionally have young visitors. In many ways, a beautiful box promises a type of mystery, a sense of the unknown. What’s inside the box? The temptation to life the lid and find out is often powerful.

While they’re beautiful, you can use your decorative boxes to serve an almost purely practical purpose if you so desire. This collection of decorative boxes includes many options suitable for use in an entryway. Use a box to store your keys so you always know where they are and have easy access to them on your way out the door, or keep a spare key in there just in case you misplace yours. Thanks to its ability to hold small bills for delivery-driver tips or loose change and other pocket contents, a decorative box can make itself quite useful in an active home entryway.

The balance of form and function on offer makes decorative boxes an excellent choice for display in a home office. If you want to polish up the way your office looks, consider using coordinating or matching boxes to add a bit of order. Store charging cables, USB sticks and other tech ephemera out of sight but within reach in a decorative box on your desk. Keep small personal care items like lip moisturizer and hair ties in a box on the bookshelf in case you need a quick fix while you’re working hard. Not only will you contain some of the small odds and ends in your office, you’ll also make the place look more beautiful by including some stylish decor.

Whether you use them to cultivate a sense of mystery in your home or you simply want an attractive way to organize jewelry and other important items in your life, our collection of decorative boxes is up for the task. Pair them with other decorative objects from our collection to create cohesive vignettes through your home, or display them on their own as part of a clean, well-organized arrangement. The choice is yours – these boxes are versatile and ready for any task.