Baskets, Bowls & Trays

Baskets, Bowls & Trays

Making the house look nice isn’t the only reason most people decorate. It’s also a lot of fun. Decorating lets you exercise your creative energies and express yourself in a way that benefits the whole family. Beautiful pieces make the home feel warm and alive. Williams-Sonoma offers distinctive decor – from original artwork to silk rugs – that caters to every taste. One excellent option that’s often overlooked when personalizing the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and other spaces is to use decorative baskets, bowls, and trays. Need some inspiration? Here are a few possibilities.

Add some texture to your space with a woven basket. Baskets create a relaxing ambience. They’re also a natural choice when creating an exotic Thai-inspired room. And the best part is that baskets do two things at the same time: decorate and organize. They keep important items in an easy-to-find spot, hidden inside a beautiful surface. Covered baskets slide quickly into a bookcase or at the foot of a bed, and larger open pieces work well in the corner of a room or outside.

Trays highlight your space’s accent objects, providing a base that catches your attention and enhances other decorations. For example, a reflective tray underneath a crystal vase makes it seem even brighter than before, showing off colorful flowers from multiple angles. A tray also brings several objects together, creating a cohesive design. Plus, trays are excellent organizers, keeping tabs on everything from keys to earrings.

There’s something very artistic about decorative bowls. They offer different kinds of surfaces – rough, smooth or contoured – designs and colors. So it’s not hard to find something that matches your personality. Bowls fit naturally onto coffee tables, inside bookcases and as a centerpiece in the dining room. Use them to display colorful objects or let them stand alone.

So what materials should you look for? After all, decorative objects can be made of metal, wood, glass, crystal, ceramic and more. The key is to decide what kind of vibe best describes you. Metallic pieces and mirrored trays are definitely chic and modern. Woven baskets and wood decor give the space a laidback atmosphere. And for more formal sophistication, ceramic bowls are one way to go. There are even pieces with a touch of vintage for a room inspired by the 1920s.

Trays generally shine as complementary decor. They feature beautiful tones that match existing furniture like dressers or coffee tables. On the other hand, bowls and baskets are usually designed to be the star of their personal space. They’re works of art in their own right, showing off when placed on the kitchen countertop or on a console table. So pick out pieces that accent your design, either with bright colors or bold patterns.

If you have an informal living room – maybe using a large ottoman in place of a coffee table – a tray provides a level surface for drinks and decor. It adds another layer of style to any surface when placed underneath a vase or candleholder. Another living room decor idea is to use baskets to cut down on clutter in a bookcase, creating a minimalist design with fewer overall objects.

In the bathroom, decorative baskets provide lots of options. They look great when used to hold folded towels, bars of soap, small bottles of lotion, and other personal items. You can display them on a small shelf or directly on the countertop for added elegance. Covered baskets store important bathroom items that you want to keep close, but out of view, all while giving the room a spa-like appearance.

Trays are very helpful for serving guests in style. Whether you like to entertain in the living room, on a balcony or in the backyard, a tray makes it easier and provides extra decor too. Coffee, creamer, sugar and cup all fit nicely onto the surface for quick carrying. Metallic finishes look gorgeous outdoors for an afternoon soiree, or with fresh juice and coffee at the breakfast table. Bright designs enhance the appearance of food.