Candles & Candle Holders


From romantic dinners for two to spirited cocktail parties with dozens of friends, soft lighting sets the mood just right. While dimmable lights are useful in these scenarios, there’s nothing quite like the authentic flicker of a candle. Votives, tapers, blocks and tea lights all shine brightly on their own, but they’re at their best when displayed in a beautiful candleholder. Williams-Sonoma Home’s selection of candleholders and candles provides everything you need to create a soft wash of ambient light for quiet evenings in and elegant social events. Supplement your candlelight with lamps and other light sources or let the candlelight shine brightly on its own – either way, you’ll create the perfect atmosphere for an alluring evening.

Many of our candleholders have a sculptural quality that makes them beautiful to display at all times, even when the candles they hold aren’t lit. We offer candleholders in a wide range of luxe materials, including alabaster, crystal, brass and teak. Select the materials that work best for your room. You can opt for sleek metal-and-glass lanterns, glittering faceted crystal block candle dishes or clustered taper holders in polished, silvery nickel. Whether you want to go for a glam aesthetic or you favor something more subtle, we have options to suit your style.

Our range of candleholders and candles includes styles that work perfectly as centerpieces or tablescape accents for casual and formal dining tables. Use clustered candelabras for a dramatic dining experience, or bring in some low-profile votive holders for a polished yet relaxed effect. Pair multiple hurricane lanterns together for a dramatic effect, or create a neat row of squat, square crystal votive holders for simple elegance. Whether you use them alone or mix them with vases of fresh flowers and other decorative elements, your tabletop will really shine.

Some of our candleholders come in mixed sets of two or more and offer different takes on a unified design through the use of height or variation. This allows you to create cohesive, visually interesting decorative vignettes that introduce proportional variety with a cohesive design. This proportional variety is a great approach when using multiple objects of similar design because it balances aesthetic cohesion without being too uniform. Diagonal lines and odd numbers tend to give decorative vignettes their best appearance. Paradoxically, the lack of perfect symmetry often creates the best design effect. Of course, you can also create uniform, symmetrical groupings of matching candleholders for a traditional design effect.

Our candleholders and candles work well throughout your home, whether you want to create a spa-like effect in your master bathroom or you love to enjoy family dinners by candlelight at the end of your work day. Some of our candle holder and lantern options also work well outdoors, giving you the tools you need to create dreamy, fairy-garden-like dining and lounge setups on your deck, lawn or patio. From large, impactful sculptural styles to low-profile candleholders that embrace minimalism with a hint of elegance, this product category offers plenty of versatility to meet different lighting and decor needs.

Although they’re rarely the sole source of light in a modern home, candles are enduring decorative elements that bring a sense of luxury and indulgence to any space. Use our candleholders with traditional wick candles or with modern LED candles that provide the same warm, soft light and flicker as the items they simulate. Some LED candle sets turn on with the touch of a remote button, giving you a quick and convenient means of introducing soft candlelight throughout your home. Whether you prefer the original article or you love the convenience of the modern substitute, you’ll want something beautiful to display and showcase your candles. You’ll find just the right solution in this section.