Halloween Plates

You can’t throw a Halloween party without an amazing selection of sweet treats, and you can’t serve your sweet treats without Halloween plates and other dinnerware and bakeware. With the collection available from Williams-Sonoma, you can turn your kitchen into a haunted house come October. Halloween bakeware can turn your ordinary cookies, candies and cakes into spooky shapes like skulls, tombstones and black cats. And when you serve it all up on adorable Halloween plates, your party guests will appreciate your attention to detail.

Before you even begin to bake your Halloween treats, have some fun with looking the part. Every good chef or baker needs an apron. For Halloween, a glow-in-the-dark apron featuring a skeleton can be just the garment to put you in the mood for tricks and treats. Towels, oven mitts and even spatulas and mixing bowls featuring creepy Halloween scenes and characters are the accessories you need to finish off the look.

Next up, every Halloween host needs a collection of baking products that allows creativity to shine. Molds, cookie cutters and cake pans can shape your ordinary treats into ghostly delights. You can even use them on your favorite savory Halloween food.

When it is time for friends, family and neighbors to fill your home with holiday cheer, you want to put your best foot forward by serving your culinary treats on Halloween dinnerware that shows off your flair for all things spooky. Whether you’re serving a meal or throwing a buffet-style party, you will want to fill several large platters with your holiday-themed treats. For a long time, most Halloween plates only came in more whimsical designs suited for the younger crowd, but these days, you can find plenty for grown-ups too. Modern Halloween dinnerware depicts scenes like haunted houses and abandoned cemeteries in black, white and gray hues that add an extra bit of scare factor to your place settings.

If your guests will be sitting down to a meal on the big night, go all out when decorating your tabletop. Start with your platters in the center, along with some black candles in an old-fashioned candelabra. You can also purchase silk black roses to place in vases or opt for something more traditional, like a jack-o’-lantern for your centerpiece. Don’t skimp on Halloween spirit when serving your drinks either. Mugs shaped like skulls or tumblers that depict bats and black cats are a must. If you’re serving punch, a bowl shaped like a skull is also an excellent way to scare your guests silly. Place it all on top of an attractive Halloween tablecloth. You can also find napkins, placemats and table runners that show off these spooky themes.

The real star of your Halloween place settings will be your Halloween plates. With so many styles available, you’re sure to find something to fit your style, as well as the theme and atmosphere of your Halloween party or meal. If little ones make up part of your guest list, try to use Halloween dinnerware that’s on the friendlier side of spooky. However, if the party is adults-only, don’t be afraid to make your guests’ jaws drop. Consider your Halloween dinnerware an investment in the many years of fun to come. If you enjoy entertaining, you already know the value of a festive dinnerware set.

Halloween is a time for fun, whether you’re 7 years old or 70 years old. Make sure everything you buy for baking and serving your favorite treats reflects that sense of fun. Be sure to add new pieces to your collection ever year, along with new recipes. Your guests will appreciate your dedication to their Halloween celebration.