Meat-slicing Knives

With so many quality knife brands and designs to choose from, we can help make selecting the meat-slicing knives suited best for you a little easier with some helpful information. So, just what is a slicer? Traditionally, slicing and carving knives have longer blades and pointed tips. This allows for cleaner cuts, even with the thinnest meat slices. Perhaps one exception to this standard for meat slicing knives is the roast beef knives that are even longer, having the ability to cut through the width of the roast or ham in one motion. These types also have rounded tips because it is not necessary to cut close to a bone.

Meat slicing knives usually have blades that are somewhere between 14 to 18 inches in length. Compared to chef’s knives, meat slicing knives have thinner edges, which make them ideal for long sawing motions. Because of this thin edge, they are not intended for chopping up food items; repeated contact with a cutting board can damage the edge of the knife and compromise its integrity. Leave this kitchen task to a good chef’s knife or santoku knife instead, the heavy hitters designed especially for chopping and dicing.

The standard edge for slicing and carving knives is the straight edge, which works well not only for meat, but also for slicing fish after it has been filleted. Among the advantages of a straight edge include its ability to make precise cuts. Straight-edge knives tend to become dull faster than other edges, but sharpening yours is simple using a sharpening steel or other sharpening tool. Some meat slicing knives also come with wavy or serrated edges, which work well on meat with tough skin.

One of the most common knife designs, regardless of type, is the Granton edge that some meat slicing knives also have. These knives sport the distinctive grooves on their sides, which allows for thinner cuts without tearing the meat because the grooves keep the meat from sticking to the side of the knife.

Choose from our selection of fine slicers, all of which are handcrafted by quality manufacturers – many with decades of experience like Germany’s Wüsthof, Japan’s Shun and Switzerland’s Victorinox. You can purchase an individual meat-slicing knife according to the handle shape and texture that best suits you or combine your selection with a knife set. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of cutlery sets ranging from seven-piece to 26-piece sets.