In-drawer Knife Blocks

In-drawer knife blocks are storage systems that fit in most kitchen drawers. These handy drawer inserts organize knife sets, keeping the cutlery pieces from dangerously sliding around. Available in a variety of styles and designs, in-drawer knife blocks safely store anywhere from seven to 14 or more pieces of knives of different sizes from small paring knives to larger chef and carving knives. Most of these in-drawer knife organizers are made from various species of wood, including maple, rubberwood, oak and American walnut.

As opposed to the usual countertop knife blocks that have holes for slots, in-drawer knife blocks have horizontal grid openings where the knives go with the blade facing down. The slots or openings for this type of drawer organizer have a specific arrangement that organizes knives by the size, which makes choosing a knife for a specific task easier. In some designs, particularly for in-drawer organizers with cork and rubber composite lining, the knives fit snugly into the cork slot dividers regardless of the size of the knife.

Although in-drawer knife blocks have several advantages over countertop knife blocks, they have a few inconveniences as well. Knives dull primarily because of regular contact with hard surfaces such as cutting boards. Since the knives go into the in-drawer storage with the edge of the blade facing down, the knives tend to get dull faster, requiring more frequent honing. Knives likewise, do not fit snugly into the slots of in-drawer knife organizers, except for the cork and rubber composite types. This causes the knives to rattle within the slots when the drawers are opened, even causing some of them to slide out.

Cross-contamination of harmful pathogens is also a major concern when it comes to knife storage, regardless of its type. In the case of in-drawer knife blocks, the slots are potential breeding ground for bacteria and viruses if the users are not washing, rinsing and drying the knives properly before storage. Cleaning knife drawer blocks properly and regularly likewise help prevent the risk of bacterial cross-contamination. For cork in-drawer organizers, it is a good idea to wash knives before and after using as the design of the slots make them impossible to sanitize thoroughly.

Williams-Sonoma offers a range of in-drawer knife blocks in different designs and storage capacities, including the cork and rubber lined variety. Other knife storage systems are also available such as magnetic knife bars, knife rolls and blade guards.