Registry Favorites

Give the bride and groom exactly what they want for the kitchen with registry favorites in cutlery. These knives and kitchen tools from Williams-Sonoma are perfect for getting a kitchen started in a brand new home or a condo. Find complete paring knives is one of our registry favorites in cutlery. Find a set that includes one knife with a straight blade for slicing through crisp vegetables, such as carrots and celery, and another blade with a scalloped edge that softly goes through breads and soft cheeses. A set of knives like these allows for easy cleanup when you do not have to take out several different tools for the jobs at hand.

Along with registry favorites in cutlery come important accessories, including cutting boards and sharpeners. An antibacterial cutting board cleans up easily and resists bacteria such as salmonella while handling chicken or fowl. An electric knife sharpener takes most of the labor and all of the guesswork out of performing routine maintenance on kitchen cutlery.