Ceramic Knives

Expertly carve tender, flavorful cuts of meat with a set of ceramic knives from Williams-Sonoma. The ceramic construction ensures that these high-quality knives maintain a razor-sharp edge. Use the slicing knife to effortlessly carve meat and cut produce. When it’s time to serve a fresh loaf of bread, a serrated slicing knife offers clean, even cuts. The paring knife is ideal for mincing or peeling fruits and vegetables. If you can’t decide which knife to add to your kitchen, consider investing in a set of ceramic knives that comes with a convenient storage case.

When your old steak knives mangle your beautifully prepared steak, trade them for a fresh flatware. Each flatware setting contains a dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, soup spoon and teaspoon. Gold and satin finishes are both available, so you can coordinate the flatware with your place settings. If you have ample flatware settings, but want a few spare pieces, you can buy extras of just the pieces that you need, such as teaspoons or salad forks.