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Utensil Holders

An organized kitchen makes mealtime less hectic and more enjoyable. With a selection of utensil holders, you have the option of keeping your most used items close at hand. Place a copper holder on your kitchen island for easy access to bread knives while a holder beside your oven allows you to keep a selection of kitchen tools close at hand. Opt for a holder with a knife insert near the cutting board for easy food prep. Williams-Sonoma offers a range of utensil holders, including hammered copper, marble and stainless-steel, to ensure your kitchen is perfectly coordinated.

Add a selection of cookʼs tools to your kitchen to make meal prep simpler. Stainless-steel utensils are durable enough to withstand daily use while modern silicone utensils are gentle on nonstick cookware. For a seasonal touch, opt for decorated utensils, such as Halloween spatulas. Use your decorated spatulas to decorate cupcakes with the kids on the holiday or give sets of seasonal spatulas to friends and family for a fun gift to celebrate autumn. Choose utensils that coordinate with your serveware if you love the convenience of kitchen to table use.

Kitchen to table items include a variety of stainless-steel items, such as copper salt and pepper shakers. Opt for an electric salt and pepper shaker to enjoy the flavors of freshly ground Himalayan salt or whole peppercorns without the added work of grinding the seasonings yourself. To coordinate your table, choose a copper serving spoon or a copper ladle for soups and stews. Wooden utensils are also an option if you want utensils that transition from the kitchen to the table nicely.

Choose a set of walnut serving spoons for a warm look that easily transitions to the table, or opt for olivewood if you prefer a light, natural color. To prepare meals as a family, add a set of kid’s utensils to your kitchen. Kids love the small, easy to hold design of the tools, and your child has the benefit of learning how to prepare basic dishes to enjoy with the family.

For an easy-to-clean option that gets you out of the kitchen faster, choose nonstick utensils. Nonstick utensils are safe to use on your nonstick pans, and are available in sets to give as a gift. For dessert, try stocking your kitchen with an assortment of popsicle molds. Popsicle molds allow you to choose from a variety of healthy ingredients to serve. Try fruit juice popsicles with fresh berries, or combine yogurt and orange juice for a creamsicle-style treat on a hot summer day. Kids also love making their own popsicles. Just provide a variety of fresh ingredients, and your child can create frozen treats for the entire family.

An ice cream maker is another family favorite in the kitchen. Mix fresh fruit with an ice cream base for a flavorful after dinner treat, or combine ground chocolate and espresso powder with the ice cream base for a rich, decadent treat on weekends. To keep the family involved in cooking, try making home ice cream sandwiches with cookies.

Cookie ice cream sandwiches are a family favorite throughout the year. Begin by baking your favorite cookie recipe, and allow the cookies to cool on a cooling rack. Layer softened ice cream on a cookie, and place a second cookie on top for a personalized ice cream sandwich that contains your favorite flavors. Allow kids to assist with layering the cookies and ice cream for an afternoon of family bonding in the kitchen. With a selection of utensils and a little time, preparing food with the family is a simple task that is fun for everyone.

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