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Grill Tools and Accessories

From football season to sunny summer, barbecuing is one of the tastiest ways to prepare a variety of foods. To prepare foods on the grill, you need the right tools. A grilling spatula is one of the BBQ tools that is most useful. Barbecue spatulas have an extra-long handle to keep your hands away from the heat of the grill and are made from heavy-duty materials like stainless-steel to withstand many seasons of use. You can also choose from a variety of barbecue tools to make the cooking process simpler.


A surface thermometer, for instance, is a tool that allows you to put your food on the grill so you can begin cooking when the grill reaches the ideal cooking temperature. Just start your grill as usual, and place the thermometer on the cooking rack. A grill light is also a useful tool if you like to have dinner after dark. Clamp-on grill lights are easy to install, and lights that have LED bulbs provide bright light to ensure you can see even the smallest details. If you want to add a little spice to your food, a jalapeno roaster is a bbq tool that organizes the peppers in neat rows on the corner of your grill. You can also find other tools to add flavor to your food.


Whether you prefer steaks and burgers or a variety of grilled vegetables, Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of mortars and pestles to prepare seasoning blends and side dishes. Add your roasted jalapenos to avocados to create a smoky, spicy guacamole as a side for grilled steak fajitas, or use a Himalayan salt mortar and pestle set to make a coarsely ground pesto for grilled fish. Himalayan salt mortar and pestle sets are an excellent option, as the salt is naturally antimicrobial and contains a variety of essential minerals. Marble and porcelain mortar and pestle sets are also available.


For variety, use metal skewers to create healthy entrees. Both single and dual skewers are available. Duel skewers are the perfect choice for a surf-and-turf themed meal, while single skewers are a simple option for backyard gatherings of friends and family. Use a set of salt and pepper mills to season your kebabs before placing them on the grill for more intense flavors, or marinate tofu, steak or chicken before cooking to boost the flavor of your favorite grilled dishes.


You can use a mezzaluna, a double-handled, curved blade, to prepare fresh herbs for your marinade, or you can opt for a food processor to simplify mixing ingredients for the marinade. A garlic press is a must-have for marinades. You can also use a garlic pressto create hearty Italian dishes, dressings for salads and marinades for baked foods when grilling season is over. Your signature flavor provides guests with a delicious meal, and you can even use a brander to give your steaks a signature look. Branders are typically made from cast iron with a heat-resistant handle to allow you to use the brander easily. Just heat the brander on your grill until it is hot, and place the brander on the steak to create a design or a monogram. Care for your brander in the same way as you care for your cast-iron pans or cast-iron grilling grates.


Grill maintenance is just as important as washing your pans after cooking a meal indoors. Begin by removing any food left on the grill, and use a grill brush to remove particles that you can’t see. Replace the head on your grill brush at least once per season, or anytime you notice the brush is damaged or has loose bristles. After scrubbing the cooking surfaces on the grill, wipe the cooking surfaces down with paper towels to ensure it is dry and clean. If you need to wash the grates with water, use only mild soap and make sure the grates are completely dry before storing them. With regular maintenance, you can create tasty, fresh meals on your grill throughout the year.

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