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Grill Cleaning

Outdoor cooking can be extremely pleasurable and even relaxing, but nothing brings ambitious barbecue plans down quite like a dirty grill. Whether you advocate for cleaning before you start or after you finish cooking, Williams-Sonoma has an excellent collection of tools to let you get the job done. From traditional multi-surface grill brushes to modern gadgets that take your grate cleaning efforts to the next level, we have everything you need to keep the grates on your gas or charcoal grill clean and free of cooked-on residue. With the right tools, keeping your grill free of blackened, caked-on junk will be simpler than you could have imagined.

Grill cleaning tools are a perhaps underrated but extremely necessary component of the ideal grill toolkit. Dirty grill grates are not only unsightly but are also more difficult to use. All that burnt particulate matter on the grates actually creates a super-sticky surface that is the enemy of those perfect grill marks you‘re probably after. If your grill is clean and properly seasoned, your food will release easily without leaving those delicious char marks behind. Ultimately, keeping a clean grill is not cosmetic – it‘s a matter of honoring the reason you chose that particular cooking medium in the first place.

Treating grill cleaners as a necessary component of your collection of grilling tools doesn‘t mean you have to spend a lot of time making your grill grates sparkling clean. We offer some innovative options, including a hybrid grill brush and steam cleaner that uses water and heat to soften, loosen and blast away cooked-on debris. When used in tandem with a classic grill brush, this powerful cleaning tool can help ensure that your grill grates remain free from old particles, which can affect the flavor of your grilled food. You can use the traditional brush for regular maintenance cleaning and then periodically go in with the powerful steam cleaner to give an occasional deep clean.

Whether your grill uses charcoal or gas to generate heat, proper maintenance is an important step on the road to barbecue mastery. A clean grill can handle just about any job, and you can switch between different kinds of meats, fruits and vegetables from week to week without worrying about undue flavor transfer. With its smooth, easy-release surface and appealing clean appearance, your freshly scrubbed grill will be irresistibly inviting. You may even find yourself reaching new heights of culinary achievement. All it takes is just a little bit of time and the right grill cleaning tools.