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Colanders & Strainers
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Colanders & Strainers

Given their ability to do everything from draining a pot of pasta without letting a single noodle down the drain to creating a fine snowfall of powdered sugar on a cake, colanders and strainers are essential kitchen tools that even a casual home cook should have in his or her arsenal. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of different handy, multitasking tools in this product category. In addition to colanders and strainers, we give you the opportunity to stock up on salad spinners, spider skimmers, steamers, separators and funnels. These are the tools that you turn to time and again when you need to separate things like moisture or seeds from the ingredients you actually want in your cuisine. Although you may not use them every single day, these tools are essential for creating delicately crafted food at home.

Thanks to their handled, footed construction, colanders are great for passive prep activities such as draining moisture from vegetables or holding ingredients, such as apples, after theyʼve been washed and before you slice and dice them at your cutting board. While you may use your colander most frequently for pasta draining, choosing a generously sized option with a sturdy base can open up a variety of new food prep organization opportunities for you. Using a colander as part of your mise en place can be an effective way of using available tools in your kitchen to keep ingredients at their best before they hit the fire.

Like colanders, salad spinners may have some unexpected utility during food prep. Of course, they are useful for drying salad greens, but salad spinners can also help you thoroughly wash dirty, sandy produce, such as freshly picked spinach or kale. You can fill the spinnerʼs bowl with water and use the interior strainer to give your dirty vegetables a bath before lifting the strainer, draining the dirty water and giving it another go. Using the spinning function while cleaning vegetables in this way can also be quite effective as the same centripetal force that dries lettuce in preparation for dressing can also force particles and debris from your ingredients. Fill the spinnerʼs bowl about halfway full with water and give it a few spins with the dirty veggies inside. Youʼll end up with super clean results that you can then rinse and dry inside the spinner.

Other tools in this category can find themselves in use for various odd jobs in your kitchen. Skimmers are great for frying and picking gnocchi or dumplings out of a pot of boiling water, but they can also come in handy when you make stocks and sauces. Stocks often need to be skimmed of foam during cooking, and you may also find yourself wishing to scoop out your aromatics while cooking is still in progress. Skimmers can help with all of this and more.

We offer an efficient selection of durable, reliable items in this product category. With materials such as stainless-steel and copper, you can have confidence that your product choice will stand the test of time. These kitchen tools may not be as inherently amusing as tools like spiralizers and electrics, but they are workhorses that will prove their worth to you many times over. Whether youʼre creating complex, multistep cuisine or throwing some greens together for a quick post-work salad, youʼll find that colanders, strainers, funnels, salad spinners and skimmers can become indispensable in your kitchen. Because we focus on bringing you a carefully curated selection of products from the best names in kitchen tools, you can rest assured that whatever items you select for your kitchen will make quick work of any task, even if youʼre just draining a pot of pasta for a relaxed meal for one.

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