Kitchen Peelers

Peeling fruits and vegetables with a knife can almost feel like enough to make you never want to eat those fresh, healthy foods again. It can turn a 30-minute meal into a 3-hour meal. But our selection of kitchen peelers can speed up your food-prep time and help you create beautiful side dishes in the meantime. They help you julienne those carrots smoothly and peel just the skin from your potatoes without losing bigger chunks of the best parts.

Just name your favorite vegetable, and we will provide you with the Williams-Sonoma gadget or peeler that can help prepare it. If you like kale and other leafy greens, the Chef’n Kale & Greens Stripper separates the leafy greens from the tough stems. It also works on fresh herbs like oregano and cilantro. The stripper features eight holes with different diameters, so you are sure to find one to fit even the peskiest piece of parsley. This gadget is a must for anyone who puts greens in smoothies or likes to make kale chips.

For something a little more multipurpose, try the Oxo Peelers Set. The set features julienne, serrated and swivel peelers, in addition to Oxo’s signature comfort handles to prevent hand fatigue. The handles even have nonslip coatings for when you are working with wet or greasy foods.

Our own Open Kitchen Sharpened Julienne Peeler is a must if you enjoy making veggie strips for salads, side dishes and garnishes. The blade is sharp to ensure speedy slicing. The peeler is made from stainless-steel and is 100-percent safe for the dishwasher to make cleanup even easier.

In addition to our kitchen peelers, we offer a number of gadgets that work best with specific foods. For example, our Garlic Peeler can handle even the toughest cloves. Just place one inside the tool and roll it around until you hear the peeling snap. This way, you do not have to worry about your hands smelling like garlic for days after you cook. It is also dishwasher-safe.

Bring your favorite spaghetti squash or zucchini in fresh from the garden and take care of it with our Squash Peeler. The dishwasher-safe gadget is made from stainless-steel with a silicone handle, and it works on even the toughest skins. Remove the kernels from your cobs of corn with the Kuhn-Rikon Corn Zipper. The teeth are sharp and work quickly to remove several rows of kernels at once.