Create thinly sliced fruits and vegetables with a mandoline slicer designed to make cutting jobs quicker and easier. With a mandoline, you get uniform and even slices to give dishes a nice presentation for get-togethers, holidays, potlucks or even just a family dinner. Blades with different sizes and shapes allow for several types of slicing, dicing and grating. Grate carrots, julienne potatoes, chop cabbage and slice apples all with one tool. Specially designed sliders hold the food in place to ensure accurate slicing while also protecting the fingers and hands from the sharp blades.

Simply place the fruit or vegetable on the slider and glide it across the mandoline and blade to cut the food and let it fall underneath. Mandolines have removable blades to switch up cutting styles and to make it easier to clean the blades. Mandolines come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials to match the other kitchen tools and decor in your kitchen.

Select other vegetable tools and fruit tools to handle all of the cutting and chopping needs in your kitchen. Protect your counter tops and cutting tools with cutting boards available from Williams-Sonoma in a large selection of colors and sizes. Outfit your kitchen with mandolines and other kitchen tools to handle all of your cooking and prep needs.