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Once you discover the benefits of a kitchen mandoline, you may never go back to slicing fruits and vegetables with a knife again. A mandoline is a simple yet very efficient kitchen prep tool that lets you make paper thin cuts, dice, julienne slice, make crinkle cuts and more in a fraction of the time and often with greater precision and consistency than a professional chef with a quality knife. Seasoned chefs and home cooks alike appreciate a good mandoline. The key is choosing one that is simple rather than complicated and is sturdy, requires little contact with the blades when switching to different cuts, and has an easy-to-handle pusher for sliding fruits and vegetables through the blades. They are easy to store and assemble, so you’ll use your mandoline often instead of tucking it inside a drawer for special occasions only.

Williams-Sonoma offers mandolines from de Buyer, OXO and Michael Blas, each with some slight variations to meet your cooking needs. The simplest selections offer four-blade options to make waffle, straight and julienne cuts of adjustable thicknesses. Models that provide more variety will produce cubes, strips, sticks, rounds, crinkle cuts and diamond cuts as well. Each mandoline has a generous-sized pusher that keeps fingers away from sharp blades and is easy to hold.

You can choose a mandoline specially designed for dicing as well as for handling soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes without crushing or tearing. V-shaped blades are especially adept at creating precision cuts – and more uniform cuts means more uniform cooking for tastier dishes. Cut paper-thin potatoes, carrots, beets and zucchini for making healthy veggie chips with your mandoline. Julienne carrots, radishes and cucumbers to make a fresh garden salad. French fries, scalloped potatoes and hash browns are quick and easy to prepare with the help of a mandoline. And a mandoline helps you make a juicy apple crisp as well as apple, banana and mango chips with ease.

Each of our mandolines also has nonskid feet for stability. Assembly and disassembly require a simple snap of the pusher to the underside or top, and if removable blades are included, they are housed in a storage compartment within the mandoline. Legs collapse for compact storage, or you can leave your mandoline displayed on the counter for even quicker access. Mandolines with textured surfaces are particularly adept at keeping foods from sticking, giving you cuts that slide off for greater uniformity as well as efficient cutting.

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