Gift Tags & Labels

Home canning requires a variety of different types of equipment, from jars to wide-mouthed funnels and a big pot that can fit a canning rack. And while canning lids and labels aren‘t the most essential components of a successful canning session, they are definitely important. It‘s difficult to store a canning jar without a lid, and if you don‘t label it properly, you may not remember what it is and when you made it. Williams-Sonoma‘s canning equipment selection includes lids and labels for just this reason. We offer a full set of equipment that helps make each step of the process simple, allowing you to get the job done right with ease and simplicity.

Unlike canning tools, which you‘re likely to keep and use for years, gift tags, labels and lids are a bit more fleeting. Gift tags and labels typically only last for one use, meaning you have to replace them frequently, and lids can be easy to lose or damage. Luckily, we have plenty of options for replacing these items, and because they‘re so small, they are affordable to restock in your canning toolkit. Whether you plan to keep your canned goods for yourself, split some for your stores and give some to friends or gift them all to loved ones, labels and gift tags are a must. The gift tag not only helps the recipients understand exactly what‘s in the jar, it‘s also a way of informing them of the expiration date for that food.

Our canning accessories, including canning lids and labels, are important, but some of them are also fun and decorative. We offer a variety of different kinds of labels, including some that you can create using a handheld embossing press that‘s made to order with your name. Whether you want to go rustic and charming or sophisticated and modern, we can help you package your canned goods to have the exact right presentation.

The recent renewal of interest in canning is a great reflection of the ways that we‘re becoming more connected with our food and increasingly committed to consuming healthy, tasty cuisine. If you have your own garden, canning is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor at any time of year, even when it‘s far too cold outdoors for a summer tomato to reach maturity. As you build the necessary skills and collect the right equipment to get in the habit of canning, don‘t neglect the small but significant elements such as lids and labels.