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Canning & Preserving Tools

Are you interested in incorporating canning into your culinary repertoire? If you’re new to canning, you may not be aware that there is some special equipment associated with the practice that lets you create the safest, most sterile canned goods. And if you are a pro, you’ll delight in our selection of canning and preserving tools. Williams-Sonoma offers all the basic canning tools you need to get started, including racks, funnels, lid lifters and more. These special tools are designed to reflect the canning techniques that have been used in kitchens for generations, though they use some modern enhancements such as BPA-free materials to bring you the same function in an even better package.

Before you fill them with fruit, pickles, jam, sauces and whatever else you want to preserve, your canning jars must be sterilized in a hot water bath. This is an essential step that not only heats the jars to allow for a proper seal but also kills any bacteria and other contaminants on your canning equipment, ensuring your canned food is safe for consumption. The tools in the product category focus heavily on this step of the process. Canning racks help keep your jars safe from breakage by elevating them above the rolling boil at the bottom of your canning pot. Canning tongs allow you to safely lift the hot cans out of the water bath without burning your hands or transferring any bacteria to the sterile jars. You’ll want to do the job right, and these tools are essential.

You can use our canning tools in conjunction with our jars and accessories to create a full toolkit that will enable you to can anything and everything you want, from home-grown beans to salsa you make with your neighbor’s extra tomatoes. We offer canning lids, labels and juice jar lids to help you package and present your canned goods for storage or gifts. With the tools in this section, you can create everything from canned tomato sauces and jam to home-fermented sauerkraut, and then use our jars and accessories to portion it out and make it ready for storage.

From personalized embossed canning labels to canning funnels and tomato presses, we have everything you need to create a functional canning setup. The good thing about the tools in this section is that you’ll only need to buy them once and, with proper care, you won’t need to replace them for years to come. Canning tools are a necessity for observing proper sanitary and safety procedures in your kitchen while you preserve culinary treats for later enjoyment.

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