Canning is a classic technique for storing food when it’s at its freshest. Though canning and home preserving fell out of favor for a while, home cooks have taken a renewed interest in this sensible, frugal, environmentally friendly technique. Whether you’re a seasoned canner or are just getting started with this culinary technique, Williams-Sonoma’s selection of jam jars, juice bottles and large storage jars allows you to stock up on high-end preserving vessels. This section is for the jars only; we have everything you need to can fresh food in other sections of our site. Here, you can browse glass canning jar options and pick the shapes and sizes that work best for your needs.

Choose the jars that work best for your intended purpose. Do you want to make sauce using tomatoes and peppers from your garden, and then give some of your results to friends? Choose a medium-sized container. Are you looking for a way to store a generous quantity of preserved fresh fruit so you and your family can enjoy summer’s bounty in the dead of winter? One of our larger jars will fit the bill for this. If you want to create small jars of jam, we have options for that as well. Just remember that once you open a sealed can, the clock begins ticking down to spoilage – canned goods are no longer shelf stable once they’re opened. If you aren’t sure whether you can use everything in a large jar within a few days, err on the side of caution and go for a smaller vessel.

In addition to the jars, we have a variety of different helpful canning accessories and tools for you to choose from as well. From canning tongs to help you lift hot jars out of their sterile bath to adorable labels you can use both for your own use and to affix to canned food gifts, we have everything you need to complete each step of the canning process, from food prep to storage. With equipment such as tomato presses and sauerkraut fermentation kits, we’ll help you expand your culinary horizons as you learn how to can more and more of the food in your pantry.

From pie fillings and pickles to jelly and even honey produced by your own bees, canning is a great way of reducing food waste, taking control over what you eat and embracing a practical culinary tradition that has transcended time and trends. With our glass canning jars, you can store food for later enjoyment or share the fruits of your labor with your friends.