Tool Sets

Cooking Utensil Tool Sets


A cook is only as good as the tools in the kitchen. A good cookware set is a necessity for any home chef, but it is hard to cook without utensils. From wood, to metal to rubber, Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of tool sets to complement any kitchen.

Available in multiple colors and designs, our tool sets come with a variety of pieces to make cooking easier. Many sets also include convenient containers to make storage easier. Choose a colorful silicone tool set to match the pots and pans in your kitchen, or go with a classic stainless steel set that matches with anything. Wooden cooking tools bring a rustic feel to the kitchen. The convenience of owning a set means that everything you need is in one place, preventing the need to track pieces down when youÕre cooking.

While cooking sets vary in what they include, depending on their size, a spatula is available in almost every set. From making eggs, to grilled cheese sandwiches and meats, the spatula is one of the most versatile tools in the chef's toolbox. Large stainless steel spatulas handle burgers and heavy cuts of meat in grill pans while soft silicone spatulas work well for breakfast dishes.

Many larger tool sets also include whisks. While you can use a mixer for most recipes, some sauces, creams and meringues require hand whisking. For chefs that do a lot of baking, it is a good idea to add a whisk if their set does not include one. Upgrade your cooking tools or add something new to the drawer that makes your life easier.