Tongs & Forks

Silicone Tongs for Cooking and Salads

An often overlooked but essential piece of kitchen gear is a set of tongs. They aid you in moving items from cookware to serving dishes, help with serving and assist with grilling. The classic two-claw tongs are what most people think of, but there are a variety of styles including fork designs, spatula designs, spoon-and-fork styles and scissor tongs. Each of these utensils have multiple purposes, but also have specialties. The spoon-and-fork-style tongs, for example, are good for salad or pasta, while the spatula style may be best for turning braising meat or larger items.

The right tools can make cooking much easier and faster. They can also make clean up easier because there is less chance of dropping food as you place it on plates or serving dishes. Tongs are very helpful with delicate foods or arrangement. They are useful from the start of a dish all the way to its finish. You can get tongs with silicone coatings, ones made of wood or for specialty use, such as pancake turning tools. Williams-Sonoma carries the tongs that will best fit your needs.

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