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Aerators & Preservers

Decanters aren‘t the only way to let wine breathe. If you often find yourself with an excellent bottle that could benefit from some exposure to oxygen before you start drinking, Williams-Sonoma has wine aerators that can help split the difference between no aeration and time spent in a decanter. These modern innovations may attach to the wine bottle itself, allowing you to pour as normal while agitating and oxygenating your wine, increasing efficiency and decreasing your waiting time. Some of these aerators do pair with decanters for additional aeration and presentational grace, and you can always use your wine aerator to pour from the bottle into a decanter as well.

Versatile and designed to help maximize your tasting experience, our selection of wine aerators pair with the wine preservers in this section to give you a multi-faceted collection of wine accessories for both serving and storing. Sometimes, it‘s hard to resist the desire to crack open a bottle on an evening when you know you and your guests won‘t be drinking the whole thing, and the wine preservers we offer can help you feel more confidence when you uncork. You won‘t have to worry about wasting good wine or feeling pressured to finish a bottle when you have had enough for the evening. With electronic vacuum sealers on offer, you can simply push a button and achieve the right inner-bottle air pressure to keep your wine fresh and suitable for drinking even a few days after you first removed the cork.

These tools of the trade are fixtures for professional wine stewards and sommeliers. If you‘re serious about elevating your collection of wine tools above a simple set of wine glasses and a bottle opener, consider investing in a wine aerator or preserver. Wine that doesn‘t smell or taste quite right can often improve vastly with some aeration. We offer a variety of different wine aerators for you to try, and if you‘re new to this element of wine connoisseurship, you can read our product descriptions and reviews from other shoppers to identify the best fit for your lifestyle.

Bottle openers aren‘t the only wine tools you need to get maximum enjoyment and longevity from a bottle of wine. With wine aerators and wine preservers, you can maximize the aroma and flavor of your wine without feeling pressure to drink it all down in one sitting.

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