Jiggers and Cocktail Mixing Tools

A home bar lets you bring the playful ambience of a club to a large party or a small gathering. Jiggers for measuring drinks and cocktail mixing tools can help a mixologist keep up with the demand for mixed beverages. At Williams-Sonoma, our selection of jiggers provide an accurate way to measure shots of alcohol, and features like spouts make it easy to pour liquids out of the jiggers without making a mess. To simplify cleanup after, or even during, the party, look for our dishwasher-safe jiggers and mixing tools. We offer these pieces as individual items, or you can select one of our larger bar tool sets that come with everything you need for measuring and mixing drinks.

No matter how many guests attend an event, there will almost always be some who prefer stronger drinks and some who prefer weaker ones. Our selection of jiggers are marked in increments ranging from half an ounce up to three ounces, depending on the style you select. These markings let the bartender move quickly from drink to drink to keep up with demand while filling bar glasses for your guests. Features like pouring spouts reduce messes, and dishwasher-safety makes it easy to clean our glass and stainless-steel jiggers.

There's nothing cool or fun about warmed-over drinks at a party, so keep mixers chilled and have plenty of ice on hand for drinks served on the rocks. Fill your ice bucket with shaped ice from our selection of silicone ice molds which include shapes like skulls, bulldogs, shells, airplanes, spheres and traditional cubes, and then pour single, double, or even triple shots into glasses. Then, the mixologist can mix the measured portions of alcohol with soda or juice, or serve it on the rocks with no additional mixer.

Mixed drinks come in a variety of styles, so you can be ready when someone asks for a layered drink, like a tequila sunrise or a sloe gin screwdriver. Our selection of cocktail mixing spoons feature long handles for stirring mixed drinks without making a mess on your counter. Making pretty drinks is not a problem when you have our mixing tools on hand, because the twisted handles on our mixing spoons let the bartender pour alcohol, juice, or mixing syrups into the glass so layers form. When layers are not needed, our collection of shakers and mixing glasses let the bartender thoroughly mix drinks without spilling or making a mess.