Jigger, Mixing Tools and Bottle Pour Spouts

An important part of hosting a good party is having great drinks on hand. The best way for you to get perfect drinks is with the right tools. Williams-Sonoma offers a varied selection of drink mixing and measuring tools. You can find jiggers, strainers, pour spouts, spoons, bottle openers and beakers. Having the right tools on hand, in addition to having a well-stocked bar, helps take the guesswork out of attempting to make a good drink every time. Our jiggers and beakers will guide you through getting the ideal amount of each ingredient into your glass.

When you use ingredients like fruit or herbs, you need an easy way to remove them from the drink before you serve it. Pouring the drink through a strainer eliminates the risk of leaving seeds or leaves behind. Since many big mixer bottles often have wide mouths that make it easy to spill, another handy item to have in your bar collection is a pour spout. These provide greater control when dispensing the mixer into a glass.

If you’re looking to serve something besides mixed drinks, make sure to check out our tea and beverage tools as well as our wine tools. You can also pick up all your bar tools for your home bar collection.