Food Scales

Great kitchen tools can make cooking easier, more efficient and precise. Our Williams-Sonoma selection of food scales is a great addition to any home cookʼs toolbox. Choose from traditional analog scales or from one of our modern electric scales. The traditional scale is simple to use with a built-in steel bowl and is popular among bakers. These can weigh up to 11 pounds. For more precise readings, choose an electric scale. We have a range that can weigh up to 30 pounds. These come in handy when cooking complex holiday meals and for measuring bulk foods. Some of our scales come equipped with Aquatronic, which can even measure liquids. This is a great alternative to using the traditional measuring cups. Rather than search for the right cup size or spoon size, itʼs now possible to place the liquid on the scale in its container and get an accurate reading. It may be beneficial to have measuring cups on the side as well for measuring ingredients that donʼt need an accurate reading like baking soda or small portions of salt.

For everyday use, consider a smaller electric scale that can measure up to 11 pounds. These compact scales fit on any countertop and are ideal for measuring portions of butter, chocolate and other important ingredients. For the scales that measure up to 11 pounds, consider grabbing a set of mixing bowls. The clear glass bowls are great for prepping vegetables, separating small ingredients and can be easily used with a scale. Simply place an empty bowl on the scale, calibrate it and add the ingredients. Itʼs also possible to put the food right onto the scale to be weighed, which works well for whole vegetables or meat. For bigger items, such as a whole chicken, use a platter. The flat and large surface is big enough to hold bigger items and can be used later to serve the dish as well.

Another advantage to electric scales is its ability to read the smallest increments of weight. Most of our scales will accurately read weight in increments of 0.1 of an ounce, which is great for weighing light items like sugar, flour and salt. As well, it ensures a precise measurement, which makes a big difference when cooking foods such as cakes, or even for measuring ingredients for cocktails. These scales also come with easily wipeable surfaces, making it a cinch to maintain its cleanliness. For day-to-day use, keep a kitchen towel handy and wipe it lightly after each use. Many of the buttons are designed without grooves, so food crumbs donʼt get stuck in the machine.

A great item to complement any scale is a food chopper. Instead of taking up a lot of time to hand-dice vegetables, just grab a chopper to prep large amounts of vegetables safely and quickly. These come with various chopping plates for different mincing or dicing options. Quickly pop an onion in a chopper, dice it, and then transfer it onto an electric scale to measure. If traditional methods are more appealing, look at our selection of cutting boards. Choose from wooden or synthetic boards. Wooden boards add a rustic vibe to any kitchen, and can be used as serving platters for bread. Synthetic boards come in many different colors and shapes, and can be easily washed off and cleaned.

With a reliable scale, chefs can feel confident about trying new recipes and cooking them correctly. Although itʼs tempting to guesstimate ingredients here and there, itʼs a good habit to get into using a scale on a regular basis. The quality of the food is sure to become elevated and more sophisticated.

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