Give your cakes and other decorated pastries a professional finish with Ateco bakeware supplies. Our Ateco bakeware line includes fondant tools and pastry decorating tips and more for giving cookies and cakes a customized look, no matter your theme. Prep sweets for parties or a special event with ease when you use Ateco bakeware tools to transform frosting, fondant and more into lovely edible creations.

Your guests will be thrilled when you present them with a beautifully styled cake or cookie platter at your next big event by using Atecoʼs intuitive pastry tools to achieve any design you can imagine. From simple piped leaves and letters to more intricate rosettes and fleur-de-lis patterns, you achieve whatever style you want with Atecoʼs brilliantly designed and intuitive pastry tip collection. Pair your tips with Atecoʼs pastry bags to transfer icing onto your pastries flawlessly while getting the most out of every squeeze.

Give culinary-minded friends an Ateco bakeware set that includes a pastry bag and set of tips to encourage them to try their hand at designs of their own. With a start from these superior decorating tools, theyʼll never stop creating delectable decorated treats. Include a Williams-Sonoma baking mix to get them inspire deign with a delightful base to decorate. Whether you choose simple sugar cookies or a gluten-free treat from our selection, we bet your recipient will be thrilled for the chance to get baking.

Use Ateco bakeware decorating tools to get children involved in the kitchen as well. With their choice of tips for frosting cookies and cakes of their very own, kids of all ages are sure to enjoy the opportunity to customize and eat their very own treats, and with tasty colorful frosting in the mix, we bet the whole family will be in the kitchen before long. What a great way to bond and share special memories any time of the year.

Speaking of the seasons, when it comes to seasonal decorating, check out our unique set of Ateco bakeware leaf-shaped fondant cutters as a brilliant way to add autumn charm to a decorated cake or pumpkin treat. Use leaves to add visual charm or as a special detail for three-dimensional floral fondant decor. With simple-to-use, professional-quality plastic components that stamp and press leaf shapes into colored fondant, you can transform a simple cake into a gorgeous fall-themed treat thatʼs sure to impress.

For the days that involve hours of baking prep and, of course, clean up, employ a nifty Ateco bakeware pastry cloth set to catch extra flour and crumbs while providing the slip-free support that you need for rolling out sheet after glorious sheet of tasty cookies. This set comes with a pastry sheet and rolling pin cover to help you achieve ideal results in the kitchen when rolling and pressing dough. The stiff fiber of the pastry sheet and pin cover helps to absorb flour and reduce sticking to prevent overworking the dough during preparation. By incorporating a pastry sheet into your baking lineup, you can achieve the baking results that you desire and cut down on prep and clean-up times while youʼre at it.

When everything comes together into a gorgeous spread of perfectly decorated cookies or a flawlessly executed cake design, donʼt hold back in showing off your hard work and amazing creations. With the help of a charming cake stand and the right flatware for serving, your decorated goodies will steal the show at the dessert bar or holiday table. Display cookies on a tiered stand and proudly display a customized birthday cake on a beautiful cake stand. Add coordinating dishes and linens, and your guests may be tempted to linger late into the night over sweets and drinks at your next event.