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The Williams Collection

The Williams Collection
In 1940, a revolution of sorts occurred in the world of wine. The French Wine Institute developed an all-purpose glass that could be used for both red and white wines. The distinctive shape of this glass provided ample surface space for aerating red wines, while its curve protected the more delicate characteristics of white wines. Chuck Williams was so impressed with this practical approach to enjoying wine that he conceived the Williams collection of stemware.

The Williams collection is based on the premise that functionality and good looks are not mutually exclusive. These glasses are as appropriate for simple wines as they are for fine vintages.

Hand blown of lead-free crystal, our Williams collection glasses offer outstanding clarity, thin rims and slender stems. They are made for us by a Hungarian glassworks that dates from the 19th century. During the glassmaking process, five to seven artisans work on each wineglass.

The Williams collection is our signature stemware. This collection is founded onthe all-purpose balloon glass, designed for serving both red and white wines. It also includes a red wine-specific glass, the globe-shaped Burgundy, and a white wine-specific glass, the tulip-shaped Bordeaux. Though the correct pour for any wine is four ounces, the Burgundy glasses are available in two sizes and the Bordeaux glasses, in three sizes, to accommodate your personal aesthetic preference.

With their classic shapes and generous bowls, our Williams collection glasses present wine in its best light.