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Worm Composter

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Our exclusive worm box crafted of reclaimed wood turns your green food scraps and light yard waste into rich compost using the art of vermiculture. Stack the base, trays and lid, add your green waste and introduce red wiggler worms (not included). The worms will break down the waste, turning it into fertile soil amendment for your edible garden. Perfect for small spaces, the composter is constructed of wood rather than plastic so it provides superior air circulation, eliminating odor and excessive moisture.

  • Crafted of reclaimed solid pine with beautiful natural blue streaks originally created by wood-eating beetles (no longer in wood).
  • Wood allows excellent air circulation, keeping worms healthy and contents odorless.
  • Uses upward-migration system of rotating stacking trays: as the worms consume and process waste, they move up through the composter to new food sources.
  • Compact design easily fits in small spaces and is appropriate for use in gardens, balconies, garages or cellars.
  • Includes base, aluminum drip pan, lid and three trays.
  • Worms not included.
  • 18" x 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" high.
  • Handcrafted in USA.
  • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
Use & Care

Getting Started

  • Locate the vermicomposter in a cool location where the temperature will stay a constant 50°–80°F.
  • Place metal drip tray under base and one worm bin on the base.
  • Soak bedding in chlorine free water. Bedding options include shredded newspaper, sawdust, hay, shredded cardboard, peat moss and dried leaves. Add bedding to the bin with red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida). Place lid on top of the tray.
  • Within the first couple of days, add a small amount of food to the bin. Mix in moist bedding. Add food in small amounts and make sure worms are eating well before adding more.
  • Good food options are any fruit or vegetables, coffee grounds (and filters), tea bags (minus tag, string and staple), bread, grain. Avoid meat, grease, fat, bones and dairy.
  • Over-feeding the worms is not good for the worms. A good rule of thumb is to mix in an equal amount of moist bedding to food. Bedding should feel like a wrung-out sponge.
  • Worms will eat their body weight in food and bedding each week, process a bin (turn it into soil)   in 56 weeks and double in population in 4 months. It is recommended starting with at least 1/2 lb. of worms.

Managing your Vermicomposter

  • When the bottom bin is filled (to within 1 inch from the top), add a new bin on top. The screen of the empty bin should be resting on the filled bin. Add some moist bedding, a little food and more bedding into the new (empty) bin. Within a couple days, worms will begin to migrate through the screen and up into the new bin. Keep adding food and bedding until filled.
  • Monitor moisture in both bins and add water as needed if corners or bedding are dry. It is virtually impossible for the bins to get too wet. Remember, the liquid from the top bin will filter into the lower bin. The metal drip tray will catch any extra water that filters through the system; any liquid collected can be given directly to plants. Repeat until all your bins are filled. Then remove the bottom bin. It will still have some worms and all of the finished compost in it.
  • Relocate any worms and remove the finished compost from the bin. Replace the empty bin on top and begin to fill.
  • Tip: To get worms out of a finished bin place it on top with the lid off and mix contents several times a day. Worms hate light and will move into the lower bin within a few days.

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