Wine Aerator

  • $29.95
    Wine lovers have long known that allowing a wine to breathe before drinking it significantly improves your tasting experience, but the process is time consuming. Speed up natural aeration with this tool, designed to open and develop red wines in the time it takes to pour a glass. Operating without a battery or charcoal filter, the aerator gives wines the same enhanced bouquet, fuller flavor and smoother finish you'd achieve from extended decanting. Mixes wines with the ideal of amount of air for the optimal length of time to releases their full flavor and bouquet. Internal dimensions and a flow rate specifically designed to bring out the best in red varietals. Easy to use: simply hold the aerator over a glass and pour the wine through. Solidly made of acrylic. Includes a no-drip stand and filter screen. Dishwasher safe.
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    Aeration is the key to a perfect glass of wine. This seamless aerator allows wine to breathe as you pour, releasing full bouquet and flavor into each glass. The dripless spout leaves your table mess-free. Drip-free acrylic pouring spout. Silicone stopper fits snugly in bottle. Acrylic with stainless-steel accents. BPA-free.
  • $29.95
    Aerate and filter wine as you pour – no decanting required. Cleverly designed to attach directly to any standard wine bottle, our stainless-steel aerator quickly infuses wine with the proper amount of air to release their full flavor and bouquet. Copper accents lend visual appeal, making it a striking addition to your barware collection. Aerates and filters wine as you pour. Made of stainless steel with copper accents. BPA-free.
  • $39.95
    Designed in Portland, Oregon, this unique device aerates wine straight out of the bottle as you pour. Stainless-steel tubes deliver an impressive triple stream of wine, which makes for a beautiful, drip-free pour. The air between the streams allows the wine to breathe as it flows, unleashing its true flavor and aroma. Patented three-stream device elegantly aerates wine during pour. Hand assembled and polished. Includes protective carrying case for easy transport. Makes an excellent gift for wine aficionados.
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    Exposing wine to air allows you to enjoy up to twice as much flavor and aroma—and with this timesaving tool, you can oxygenate wine from the bottle. Eliminating the need for a decanter, the aerator attaches to your wine bottle, so it's easy to pour perfectly oxygenated wine, glass by glass. Aerate your wine one glass at a time, right from the bottle. Innovative aerator is made of durable mouth-blown glass with multidirectional indented sides to optimize aeration. A durable silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal.
  • $69.95
    Aerate wines in just seconds while using the Coravin Wine Preservation System. This Coravin accessory mixes air with wine as you pour a glass, creating small jets that dramatically increase a wine's exposure to air and yielding silky, smooth and aromatic results. Fits securely on the spout of all Coravin Wine Preservation Openers. Pressure-forces wine through 24 carefully placed and sized holes for rapid aeration. Equivalent to decanting wine for 60–90 minutes. Constructed from premium materials with stainless-steel accents.
  • Sugg. Price $39.95 Sale $24.99
    Make the most of any wine by aerating it as you pour – no decanting required. Designed to fit any standard wine bottle, our sculptural aerator quickly infuses wine with the proper amount of air to release its full flavor and bouquet. Aerates wine one glass at a time, directly from the bottle. Combines pewter top with stainless-steel pourer. Durable, BPA-free silicone gasket ensures airtight seal. Made in Italy.
  • $169.95
    Form and function combine beautifully in this tabletop design, which aerates wine and doubles as an elegant serving vessel. The top of the glass container features a rain filter that aerates wine to release its full bouquet. The decanter holds and serves beverages (use it for wine, sangria, cocktails or juice), and is fitted with a gravity-fed valve that allows guests to easily serve themselves. Aerate and serve wine, sangria, cocktails, juice and more. Glass decanter has rain filter on top that aerates wine as you pour it. Gravity-fed valve at bottom allows for easy serving – simply lift valve to fill. Stainless-steel frame and slate base provide sturdy, stylish foundation. Holds a standard 750ML bottle of wine.