Tortilla Warmers

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    For generations, Latin American cooks have relied on classic terra cotta vessels like ours to keep homemade tortillas soft—and at the perfect serving temperature. Just soak the lid in water, place fresh tortillas inside the dish, then transfer to a warm oven. When all your tortillas are ready, bring the warmer to the table for serving. Also ideal for warming and serving store-bought tortillas. Crafted of durable, heat-retaining terra-cotta with a tight-fitting lid. Handles make it simple carry from oven to table. Glazed interior is designed for easy cleaning.
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    Homemade tacos are foolproof with these interlocking racks. Each holds two taco shells upright, so you have both hands free to fill them. Start by adding cooked fillings such as meat, chicken or beans. Next, add cheese, then place the rack on the oven or grill to stay warm. By warming your tacos upright, you’ll enjoy a perfect combination of gooey melted cheese and a deliciously crisp shell. Interlocking racks hold tacos upright for hands-free filling, easy warming and convenient serving. Add cooked ingredients and cheese, then warm the racks in the oven or on the grill. Just before you’re ready to eat, add cool fillings like lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. Each rack has a top handle for easy mobility—plus side handles for connecting additional racks. The sides of racks allow air to circulate, so shells stay crisp. Made of durable brushed stainless steel.

Enjoy Taco Night With Tortilla Warmers

Host Taco Tuesday at home with homemade creations from your stove. Williams Sonoma's collection of tortilla warmers and other accessories gives you everything you need to create delicious and flavorful tortilla-based dishes. These warmers are designed to keep your tortillas warm until they're ready to be served. Get ready for fun family dinners by stocking up on accessories and tools to make taco, fajitas, guacamole and more from Williams Sonoma.

How Do I Use a Tortilla Warmer?

Tortilla warmers keep tortillas soft and warm longer than wrapping them in a dish towel or aluminum foil. When heating tortillas in a tortilla warmer, you want to keep them warm with getting dry or brittle. Microwaves warm tortillas in seconds, but they also rob the tortillas of texture and color, especially corn tortillas. Ovens take longer but give better results.

  • Terra-cotta tortilla warmers are thick-walled vessels made from clay. They are designed to handle high temperatures without allowing steam or moisture to escape. They will keep your tortillas warm for an hour or so. You can safely put them in the microwave and the oven.
  • Plastic tortilla warmers are cheaper and can go in the microwave. They will keep your tortillas warm for about 20 minutes.
  • Both corn and flour tortillas are best when warm and moist, so a tortilla warmer that works for one usually works for the other. Keep in mind that corn tortillas take slightly longer than flour tortillas to warm.

Try A Taco Rack

Taco racks work great for crispy taco shells. The sides of the rack allow air to circulate, so shells stay crisp. The interlocking design holds the taco shells upright for hands-free filling. Place the rack on the oven or grill to keep the shells warm.

Expand Your Cuisine Options

Once you've selected the right tortilla warmer, you need to stock up on the right tools to complete your taco or fajita night preparation. Fortunately, Williams Sonoma has everything you need for taco making. First, you'll need a grater to grate the cheese. Cotija cheese is a popular choice. For homemade guacamole, you might want to invest in a large mortar and pestle. In addition to being a great prep tool, they also make a terrific serving dish.

Once you've mastered taco night, you can easily move onto creating your own homemade pizzas. Shop Williams Sonoma's collection of pizza stones and other accessories to create tasty and unique pies.